Council was called to order at 7:04 pm by the Deputy Grand Knight.  A prayer was lead by Msgr. Westhues and the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" followed. All officers were present except the Grand Knight, Inside Guard and 1st year Trustee.

       From the Deputy Grand Knight:

       1. New members and reactivation names were presented; Steven Friga (reactivation), John
           Compton, (new member)     

       2. Commended on the bills and donations of the monthly breakfast and the upcomming
           Tootsie Roll Drive.
       3. Mentioned the thanks by Fr. Mike for our council's contribution for tuition assistance.
       4. Outlined the membership (Knights) blitz at the monthly breakfast, Oct. 15th.
       5. Mentioned a presentation on human cloning and embryonic stem cell research at Hammons
          Heart Institute Oct. 19th.
       6. Outlined the plan for the knights activities at the Boo Fest on Oct. 28th after the 5:00 pm
           (Sat.) Mass. This includes cooking burgers for Boo Fest  
       7. Told the council that Ken Bolls was nominated as a Knight of the month.
       8. Announced that our Council won another Star Council Award--our district had four repeats
           out of 18 councils in our district.
       9. Led a discussion on if we could display the council's awards in the meeting room including
           possibly a display case.
      From the Chaplin:

       1. Msrg. Westheus reported on the Voice for Life Meeting at Central Assemblies.  He was
           especially impressed on the presentations by Alan Keyes and Dr. Richard Scarborough
           concerning Amendment 2.

       2. Talked getting out and vote "no" on the Stem Cell Initiative
      Treasurer's and Financial Secretaries Reports:

          Indicated a positive report concerning the finances of the Council.              

     Unfinished Buisness:

       1. It was mentioned that we pass out voting registration forms to those who are not registered
          and would vote against the Stem Cell Initiative. Also, we could help people to get to the
          poles if otherwise unable to.

       2. A working schedule for the knights at the upcomming Tootsie Roll Drive at Wal-Marts in
           Republic was established.
       3. The Silent Auction During the Nov. Knight's Breakfast was discussed.
       4. There was a small discussion on reviving the "Triva Night".
       5. Randy Friga reported on the success of Ken Bolls, John Compton and himself at the Skeet
           Shoot Out.
     From the Insurance Agent:

           Nothing to report

      From the District Deputy:

        1. We need a strong showing of the Council Knights at the 50th Anniversary of the Diocese.

        2. We should try build a strong Knights-Squire group

        3. Mentioned the dates, times and places for the up-coming Degree meetings.

      Closing of Meeting:

          By Grand Knight and Closing prayer lead by Msgr. Westheus.  Afterwards, Keith Norton gave an excellent presentation of Stem Cell Research, the successes of using Adult Stems and the politics and morality of it all.

                      Future Activities  

Oct. 1st----50th Anniversary Celebration of Diocese --2:30 pm at University Plaza

Oct. 1st---Poker Run--starts at Pierce City and ends at Springfield Catholic

Oct. 6-8th--Tootsie Roll Drive at the Walmart in Republic.

Oct. 8th----Rosary after 8:30 Mass in the Chapel

Oct 15th----Knight's Breakfast in Cafeteria from 8:30 to 11:00 am.

Oct. 15th--12:30 pm, 2nd and 3rd degrees at Council #698

Oct. 19th--presentation of Stem Cell Initiative at Hammons Heart Institute

Oct.21st---7-midnight--Benefit Dance for Brad Burnum at Knight's Hall---$10/per person

Oct. 24th--2nd and 3rd Degree at Holy Trinity

Oct. 25th---7:00 pm--next Council Meeting

Oct. 28th--after 5:30 pm Mass--the Council will cook burgers and help out at Boo Fest

                           Past Activities



July 4th---Participation  in an Independence Day Parade at Marshfield, MO.  Get on the Knight's Float

July 9th---Knights Rosary at St. Agnes Cathedral after 7:00am Mass in the Chapel

July 12th--A special council meeting in downtown Springfield

July 16th--Blues and Barbeque at St. Agnes after 11:30am and 5:00 pm masses.

July 29th--Knights 1st Degree at Council # 9533

July 30th-Treasure Lake Cookout from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Aug. 2nd---St. Agnes Parish Picnic and Silent Auction after 5:30 pm mass

 Aug. 4th-5th--Parish Garage Sale in Gym.

Aug. 6th-8th ---Tootsie Roll Drive at Walmart in Republic

Aug. 20th or 27th---Barbeque cookout after 11:30 and 5:30 Masses.

Aug. 21st-----Bartenders Practice @ Council #698

Aug. 22nd----2nd degree at Holy Trinity at 6:30pm

Aug. 23rd------next St. Agnes Knights meeting at 7:00pm in Bandroom

Aug. 26th---Golf Tournament for the Knights---Aug. 12th deadline for sign-up

Sept. 10th--knights and parishioners rosary at 9:45am in chapel

Sept. 11th--"World Day of Peace" observation

Sept. 15th--"Roses for Life" cards order due for Council

Sept. 17th---8-11am Knights Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria

Sept. 21st--7-9pm--Ecumenical Meeting on Anti-cloning and Voice for Life at Central Assembly (N. Boonville)

Sept. 26th.-- 6:45pm-1st Degree at Holy Trinity.

Sept. 27th-- 7:00 pm knights next council meeting in band room

Sept. 30th---9:30 Catholic Conference Assembly in Jefferson City