The last meeting of the council was on 07-26-06 beginning at 7:10 pm. The personal monetary donation by the council members to the advertisement against the stem cell research was noted in the News Letter. Father Mike McDivit expressed his thanks for the job done by the St. Agnes Knights and suggested a few activities the knights might work on.  He thanked the knights for the expression of sympathy towards his mother's death. He wanted the knights to continue to be involved in the social activities of the Church.  He also suggested it would be nice if the knights could help with Christmas decorations on the exterior of the Cathedral.  A suggestion was made by him that the knights might contact the Catholic Campus Ministries to help make events like the Barbeque dinner more successful.
       It was noted that Mr. Todd Forshee has transferred to our council. Also, there was mention that anyone who plans to work at the Oct.1st 50th Anniversary of the Diocese (see below) must first sign-up at their respective parish.       
       Father David will celebrate the 5:30 pm mass on Aug. 2nd before the parish picnic. Father Dave will be leaving for St. Vincent's Parish in Cape. Let's greet Fr. Dave and our newest priest at St. Agnes, Fr. Rodolphe at the picnic.


                                                      Future Activities  
 Aug. 2nd---St. Agnes Parish Picnic and Silent Auction after 5:30 pm mass

 Aug. 4th-5th--Parish Garage Sale in Gym.

Aug. 6th-8th ---Tootsie Roll Drive at Walmart in Republic

Aug. 20th or 27th---Barbeque cookout after 11:30 and 5:30 Masses.

Aug. 21st-----Bartenders Practice @ Council #698

Aug. 22nd----2nd degree at Holy Trinity at 6:30pm

Aug. 23rd------next St. Agnes Knights meeting at 7:00pm in Bandroom

Aug. 26th---Golf Tournament for the Knights---Aug. 12th deadline for sign-up

Sept. 30th---9:30 Catholic Conference Assembly in Jefferson City

Oct. 1st----50th Anniversary Celebration of Diocese --2:30 pm at University Plaza

Oct. 2nd---Poker Run--starts at Pierce City and ends at Springfield Catholic

Oct. 15th--12:30 pm, 2nd and 3rd degrees at Council #698

                                                  Past Activities



May 5th----let's attend the Breakfast of Council # 698.

May 21st---monthly rosary after the 7:00 am Mass and the council's monthly breakfast (8:00-11:30 am)

May 23rd--Ist Degree at 6:45 at Holy Trinity

May 24th--this council's next monthly meeting.

July 4th---Participation  in an Independence Day Parade at Marshfield, MO.  Get on the Knight's Float

July 9th---Knights Rosary at St. Agnes Cathedral after 7:00am Mass in the Chapel

July 12th--A special council meeting in downtown Springfield

July 16th--Blues and Barbeque at St. Agnes after 11:30am and 5:00 pm masses featuring Carolyn Cameron on the keyboard and guitar.

July 29th--Knights 1st Degree at Council # 9533

July 30th-Treasure Lake Cookout from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm