The Grand Knight opened the meeting at 7:08. He led the council in “The Pledge of
       Allegiance” and “Our Father”. All officers were present except the Chaplin, Chancellor,
       1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Trustees.  A total of 16 council members were present.  The minutes
       from the last meeting were distributed and a motion by Randy Friga was made to accept
       them and a second was made by John Kubicek. A unanimous vote to accept them

   From the Grand Knight:

1.  The Grand Knight reported there were no new memberships to the Council.



       2.  The Grand Knight thanked those who helped clean up the St. Agnes Waste Area. He
             also thanked Randy Friga and Jim Tuckness for the use of their trucks to haul away
             the materials. He said that Fr. Mike praised the knights for this activity.  He also
             thanked Ryan Neil and the knights who helped him work on street clean-up.


       3.   The Grand Knight also mentioned the big turn-out of Council members at the last
             Knight’s Breakfast.  John B. prepared breakfast borittos for the working Knights.


       4.  The Grand Knight also said he appreciated Council members help at the St. Agnes
             Cathedral Centennial Trivia Bowl.


         5.  The Grand Knight thanked the Council Members who helped at the Bartender’s Ball.


       6.  The Grand Knight and Financial Secretary mentioned the Christmas Card from the
                Sister’s of the Poor for the Council’s financial help in the past.



       From the Chaplin:  

        Nothing was reported from the Chaplin.        


      Treasurer's and Financial Secretaries Reports:

        The Treasurer reported on the money obtained from the last council breakfast and other
        income and reported the financial condition of the Council was sound.  He also reported
        that the new knight’s shirts were on order and they should be here by the next council
        Council Meeting. The Financial Secretary reported on the finances obtained from the
        Tootsie Roll Drive and Bartender’s Ball.  The Secretary then motioned that we give $500
        to the Republic Missouri Special Education Program.  The motion was seconded by
        Jim Tuckness and the vote carried the motion.  Randy Friga then motioned that the
        Council contribute $387 to the “Contest for Concerns”. The motion was seconded by
        Erwin Mantei and after some discussion the vote on the motioned failed.  The Financial
        Secretary the motioned that the council contribute to the IC Church “Young Adults
        Special Needs Program.  The Treasurer seconded the motion and a vote carried the





     Unfinished and New Business:

       1.  Randy Friga suggested the Knight’s show up at the 5th Sunday 8:30 am Mass
            in December at the Cathedral wearing the council shirts and sitting together.           


       2.  The District Deputy said he will bring the 400 “Roses for Life” to the Church to be
            handed out by the Knights at every mass on that weekend. A sign-up sheet was then
            passed around.


       3.  It was reported that Andy Love will help the Youth Committee on the Free Throw
             Contest to be held sometime in January.


       4.  Randy Friga commented on the great numbers of council knights who helped out
            at the Bartender’s Ball.  He further that it was the largest fund raising in the State.

       5.   Randy Friga also mentioned he was appointed as the Chair of the “Special Olympics”
             to be held at MSU for the next 4 years beginning next May 28th-30th.  He mentioned
             there would be a lot of people and knights from other councils and many police who
             will help. A discussion followed concerning our Council of Knights to act as a spear-
             head to organize things.  It was decided that he find out more on a fact finding trip
             before we definitely say we will take this responsibility.
       6.   Tom Hall mentioned he helped out at the Fort Leonard Wood Special Olympics.  He
              said it was a very difficult job.

       7.   John Kubicek motioned that the council contribute $300 to help defray the cost of
             a new refrigerator and boiler kettle to the St. Agnes Cafeteria.  Randy Friga seconded
             the motion and after a discussion the vote carried the motion. 
        8.  The next knight’s breakfast will have eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy.
        9.  The next Knight’s Fish Fry will be one week after Ash Wednesday (2-8-08)
       10.  There will be no December Council Meeting.  Instead we will meet with our wives
              at the Fleet Reserves on Dec. 26th at 7:00 pm.  Tom Hall will cook a ham and every

              body else bring a dish (that is besides your wife).      





      From the Insurance Agent:

           Was present and talked about Council liability insurance.  He also was quite active in
           other discussions during this meeting.




       From the District Deputy:  

             Tom Nelson mentioned various up-coming events as listed below.


      Closing of Meeting:

         The Grand Knight closed the meeting and led the Council in the “Hail Mary”, and
         “Glory Be”.






                        Future Activities

 Dec. 1st ----8:00 am---Christmas decoration of the Cathedral and grounds and also
                                      the Cathedral’s Centennial Christmas Float

Dec. 16th ---8-11 am---Knight’s Breakfast in St. Agnes Cafeteria

Dec. 26th---7:00 pm—Council’s Christmas Party with wives at the Fleet Reserve Headquarters

Dec. 30th ---5th Sunday—Knights sit together at 8:30 am mass wearing their council shirts.

Jan. 5th and 6th ---at all masses for that weekend pass out “Roses for Life”

Jan. 12th ----1:00 pm--Mid Year District Deputy Meeting at Council 698 Hall. Lunch at 12:00

Jan. 16th ----4th Degree Meeting at Council 698 Hall

Jan. 20th---Knight’s breakfast in cafeteria—8:00—11:00am

Jan. 20th---- Bowl-A-Thon for the Kitchen – Ozark Area Knights of Columbus – Check in time
                    is 12:00 noon!

Jan. 22nd ---7:00 pm--1st Degree at Holy Trinity—get there by 6:45 pm

Jan. 23rd----7:00 pm Knight’s Council Meeting in St. Agnes School Band Room.

Jan. 27th ----2nd and 3rd Degrees at Kansas City (Council #7064)



                        Past Activities




July 8th---Knights Rosary after 8:30 am Mass

July 9th----Street Cleanup--see above for details

July 15th----cookout after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm masses. Be there to help at 8:30 am and
                   3:30 pm.

July 25th----July Knights Council meeting

July 28th----Regional District Deputies meeting at noon at Immaculate Conception parish in

July 29th---Councils participation at Mass and distribute the rosary rings

August 4th---2007 Missouri State Golf Tournament

August 18th and 19th----Horseshoe Tournament

August 25th---- Golf Tournament at Deer Lake

 Sept. 5th----Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight Meeting at Holy Trinity

Sept. 9th----Knight's Rosary after 8:30 am mass

Sept. 16th---Knight's Breakfast 8:00am- 11:00am in St. Agnes Cathedral cafeteria
                     Then a meeting about Habitat for Humanity in building behind Bingo Hall

Sept. 21st---2nd and 3rd Degrees at Holy Trinity in Aurora---be there before 12:00 noon

Sept. 22nd--Sporting Clay Tournament---contact Randy Friga for details

Sept. 26th—Next Council Meeting in band Room of St. Agnes Elementary

 Sept. 28th--Triva Night at Council 698

Sept. 29th--MO. Catholic Conference in St. Louis.

Sept. 29th---10 am--Meet at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (SEAS) to load tables and
                    chairs to deliver at St. Agnes for Centennial Celebration

Sept. 30th---2:00 pm--Centennial Kickoff Mass at the Cathedral and ice crème
                     social—afternoon organ concert, ice crème social, 5:00 pm Mass and
                     group picture on steps of cathedral.

Oct. 12-13th-Tootsie Roll Drive at Wal-Mart in Republic---Oct. 14th at Cathedral

Oct. 12-14th inclusive---Vera Faith Lord at various venues in Springfield

Oct. 14th---Knight’s Rosary at 8:30am in chapel

Oct. 19th--- 6:30-8:30 pm Council Cookout for Boo-fest at St. Agnes

Oct. 20th----2007 "Voice for Life" Convention in Springfield.

Oct. 21st----8-11:00 am—Knight’s Breakfast in Cafeteria

Oct. 21st----2nd and 3rd degrees in Warrensburg

Oct. 21st—11 am--1, 2nd and 3rd degrees in Monnet—St. Lawrence—1st at 11am,
                  2nd and 3rd at 1 pm

Oct. 21st ---7pm—Living Rosary at Holy Trinity

Oct. 24th—7:00 pm---Council Meeting in Band room

Oct. 27 ---28th---State Bowling Tournament




       Knight's Dirty Dozen cleaning up St. Agnes waste area

Tom Hall looking for
 more work

Mark Merz raking up a   
 big pile of leaves and


 Jim Greer and Randy 
   Friga stomping on the
  leaves and twigs while
John Smithberg is
seen at the far right.

Jim Tuckness waiting for another load of branches, Mark Merz still raking and Tom Hall still looking for
 more work

  Nov. 7th---7:00 pm, organization meeting at 698 for those working at the Bartender’s Ball

Nov. 10th—8:00 am trash moving from the Cathedral’s property.  And following, street pickup.

Nov. 11th---Knight’s Rosary after 8:30 am mass

Nov. 16th---St Agnes Trivia Night and Cleanup for Council

Nov. 17th ----4th degree at Jeff City

Nov. 18th—8:00-11:00 am—Knight’s Breakfast in St Agnes Cafeteria

Nov. 26th----Bartenders Ball hosted by our Council

Nov.27th—7 pm—1st  degree at Holy Trinity

Nov. 28th—Knight’s next Council Meeting at 7:00 pm in band Room