Council was called to order at 7:06 pm by the Deputy Grand Knight.  A prayer (Our Father)
       was lead by the Deputy Grand Knight as well as the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag".
       Minutes from the past meeting were distributed to all members.  A motion was made to except
       these minutes. A second to the motion was made and a unanimous vote approved the minutes. 
       All officers were present except the Chaplin, Grand Knight, Advocate and the Inside Guard. The
       Warden approved the attendance. 

       From the Deputy Grand Knight:

       1. Read the names of council members who received their degrees.  These included the 1st degree
           to Joshua Norris, John Kreymer and Fr. Rodolphe
           Balthazar and 2nd--3rd degrees to John Compton, John Sylvester, Allan Norris, Jim Keltner
           and David Cash.

       2. Read a letter from Immaculate Conception Parish thanking our council for the monetary
           contribution from last years Tootsie Roll Drive to their religious education program.
       3. Read a statement from the Missouri State Council acknowledging Ken Bolls as a nominee for
           "State Knight of the Month" to be announced later.
       4. Reported funds and bills related to past monthly activities. He also commented on the lack of
           parishioners at the monthly Knight's breakfast after the 7:00 
           am mass, but that after that time, many attended the breakfast.
       5. Noted that he wrote a 'thank you' note to the manager at Wall Mart in Republic for allowing us
           to sell Tootsie Rolls.
       6. Initiated a discussion concerning some member's lack of attendance and/or participation in our
           council's activities as well as not paying their dues.  Various members gave their views which

              a. Possibly they should be suspended--however, it was mentioned, that this could be a tedious
                  or time consuming procedure.

              b. Don't suspend them, but first reach out to them and determine why they are not active.

              c. Send them a special letter outlining the council's activities including  more "fun" activities
                  that the council should have.

              d.  We should try to get them active by participating in a council activity as "monthly

              e. A motion was made to table this and think about it more and consider the ideas at the next
                  meeting. A second was made and all voted in favor of the motion.

      From the Chaplin:

       1. Msrg. Westheus was "under the weather" and could not attend the meeting.

      Treasurer's and Financial Secretaries Reports:

          Indicated a positive report concerning the finances of the Council.              

     Unfinished and New Buisness:

       1. Discussion about cooking burgers at the Boo Fest was initiated.  It was concluded, we need
            to have at least 4 members there to start the grills and cook burgers at about 3:00 pm and
            maintain until about 8:00 pm. 

       2. Council members will be involved with the Youth Group.  The knights will help the Youth
            members take orders and money for smoked turkey breasts after all masses this Saturday
           and Sunday.  The knights will also help wrap and box the turkey breasts which the youth will
           purchase from St. Elizabeth Seton
           Parish between 12:00--12:30 pm on Nov. 18th (Saturday).  St. Elizabeth Seton has graciously
           allowed the St Agnes Youth Group to purchase up to 60--8 lb. breasts. The beasts will be
           stored in the freezer at St. Agnes Cafeteria until distribution to the buyers.
       3. The Silent Auction During the Nov. 19th Knight's Breakfast was discussed. It was concluded
            that council members should come the day before (Saturday) and help to "set-up" .
       4. There was a small discussion on reviving "Triva Night", "WinterFest", a "Texas-Hold-em" party
            and decorating the Cathedral in December.
       5. During the St. Agnes Stewardship Fair, the council plans to man-a-booth on Nov. 4th and 5th.
     From the Insurance Agent:

           Not present, therefore nothing to report.

      From the District Deputy:

        1. Asked us consider a contribution to the Green Valley State School for the disabled for special
            bikes. It was suggested that this year profits from the Tootsie Roll Drive could be partially or
            totally used. John Smithberg and John Wooldridge volunteered to serve on a committee to
            research which organization (s ) would be better (best ) to contribute our Tootsie Roll Drive
        2. Mentioned our council did a good job working at the Diocesan 50th Anniversary.

        3. Mentioned the 2nd and 3rd degrees, Oct. 15th (SEE BELOW)
        4.  Mentioned our council should take pictures at their activities and e-mail them to Tom Nelson,
             the District Deputy, to be placed in the Mirror.
        5.  Mentioned free throw competition on Jan 28th and Feb. 3rd at Holy Trinity, and regional
             competition at Immaculate Conception Parish in Springfield.
        6.  Told the council group there was a pamphlet on the way which outlines the 10 most important
             reasons to be a knight.


      Closing of Meeting:

          Closing of meeting lead by the Deputy Grand Knight as well as the Closing prayer (Hail Mary).  

                          Future Activities  

Oct. 28th--after 5:30 pm Mass--the Council will cook burgers and help out at Boo Fest--council
                 members there by 3-3:30 pm

Oct. 28th and 29th---aid youth group in taking orders for smoked turkey breasts after all masses.

Nov. 4th and 5th---council members to man a booth at the St. Agnes Cathedral's Stewardship Fair.

Nov. 12th-----Council's rosary after the 8:30 am mass.

Nov. 18th---Council members to help the youth group wrap and box smoked turkey breasts to be
                    frozen at cafeteria.

Nov. 19th---Knight's breakfast 8:00--11:00 am in cafeteria.

Nov. 22nd---next Council Meeting at 7:00 pm in the Band Room.

               Past Activities



July 4th---Participation  in an Independence Day Parade at Marshfield, MO.  Get on the Knight's

July 9th---Knights Rosary at St. Agnes Cathedral after 7:00am Mass in the Chapel

July 12th--A special council meeting in downtown Springfield

July 16th--Blues and Barbeque at St. Agnes after 11:30am and 5:00 pm masses.

July 29th--Knights 1st Degree at Council # 9533

July 30th-Treasure Lake Cookout from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Aug. 2nd---St. Agnes Parish Picnic and Silent Auction after 5:30 pm mass

 Aug. 4th-5th--Parish Garage Sale in Gym.

Aug. 6th-8th ---Tootsie Roll Drive at Walmart in Republic

Aug. 20th or 27th---Barbeque cookout after 11:30 and 5:30 Masses.

Aug. 21st-----Bartenders Practice @ Council #698

Aug. 22nd----2nd degree at Holy Trinity at 6:30pm

Aug. 23rd------next St. Agnes Knights meeting at 7:00pm in Bandroom

Aug. 26th---Golf Tournament for the Knights---Aug. 12th deadline for sign-up

Sept. 10th--knights and parishioners rosary at 9:45am in chapel

Sept. 11th--"World Day of Peace" observation

Sept. 15th--"Roses for Life" cards order due for Council

Sept. 17th---8-11am Knights Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria

Sept. 21st--7-9pm--Ecumenical Meeting on Anti-cloning and Voice for Life at Central Assembly
                   (N. Boonville)

Sept. 26th.-- 6:45pm-1st Degree at Holy Trinity.

Sept. 27th-- 7:00 pm knights next council meeting in band room

Sept. 30th---9:30 Catholic Conference Assembly in Jefferson City

Oct. 1st----50th Anniversary Celebration of Diocese --2:30 pm at University Plaza

Oct. 1st---Poker Run--starts at Pierce City and ends at Springfield Catholic

Oct. 6-8th--Tootsie Roll Drive at the Walmart in Republic.

Oct. 8th----Rosary after 8:30 Mass in the Chapel

Oct 15th----Knight's Breakfast in Cafeteria from 8:30 to 11:00 am.

Oct. 15th--12:30 pm, 2nd and 3rd degrees at Council #698

Oct. 19th--presentation of Stem Cell Initiative at Hammons Heart Institute

Oct.21st---7-midnight--Benefit Dance for Brad Burnum at Knight's Hall---$10/per person

Oct. 24th--2nd and 3rd Degree at Holy Trinity

Oct. 25th---7:00 pm--next Council Meeting