The Grand Knight opened the meeting at 7:11pm after an insurance presentation led
       by the Grand Knight’s wife.  Fr. Mike led the council in the “Our Father” and the     
       Grand Knight led the council in “The Pledge of Allegiance”. All officers were present
       except the Chancellor, Financial Secretary, the Inside Guard and the 1st Yr. Trustee.
       A total of 14 council members were present.  The minutes from the last meeting
       were distributed and a motion was made to accept them by the Grand Knight, a second
       was made by Randy Friga and a unanimous vote to accept them followed.      

   From the Grand Knight:

       1.  We need to grow larger and get more members active in the council
            activities instead of just the few who contribute to get the jobs done. We need to
            form an admissions and retention committee to do this.  A questionnaire could be
            formulated to establish what they are interested in so as to make them active.
            Present members should seek out new members and be a mentor to them.


       2.  We need to participate in the Centennial Celebration of the Cathedral and be visible
            by wearing our shirts and name badges to all activities.

       3.  We need to get (Fr.) Eric Schlactner to the meetings.  Fr. Mike said he would contact

       4.  The Grand Knight acknowledged new members from transfer; These are John
            Bartlett, Tom Hall and Dale Delcard.

       5.  The council members were asked to help set up stuff for Trivia Night, Nov. 16th.

         6.  Ann Compton is looking for muscle-men to move chairs and tables from St.
            Elizabeth Ann Seton to St. Agnes for the Cathedral Centennial Celebration Saturday,
               Sept. 29th and also to move them back the next day.


       7.  We need a “facilitator to help in “Why be a Catholic?”—contact Jenny Smithberg if
       8.  We purchased breakfast fliers to give to St. Agnes students as advertisement for the
            council’s next breakfast, as well as more coffee filters and condiments.
       9.  We also purchased ticket promotions for the “Bartender’s Ball” scheduled for next
       10.  The Grand Knight also reported on bills for the last Council’s Breakfast.
       11.  A letter was read from the R-3 Republic School District, thanking our council for
              the monies we gave them from our Tootsie Roll Drive held last year at the
              Wall-Mart in Republic.
       12.  A letter was read inviting council members to the National Shrine of St. Mary’s
              Celebration on Oct. 7th.
       13.  A note from the Knight’s State Secretary was mentioned congratulating St. Agnes
              Cathedral on its Centennial.
       14.  We must get in touch with our state representative concerning “Roses for Life”---
               contact John Smithberg.
       15.  We will have the next “trash pickup” sometime in November.
       16.  We will prepare the food for Boofest and have a food booth at the activity between
              6:30 and 8:30 pm on Oct. 19th at St. Agnes School.
       17.  The Tootsie Roll Drive will take place at Wal-Mart In Republic on Dec. 12th and
              13th. Sign up for a time block.  Also on Oct. 14th we will distribute them at St.
              Agnes Cathedral after each Mass if any remain.
       18.  The Nixa Knights have “Champions of Faith" DVD’s for sale to us for $15 each. 
              We should be able to sell them in turn for $20. Contact Don Bosso there.

     From the Chaplin:

        Father Mike was present in place of Mons. Westheus.  Father Mike made the
       following comments:

1.      He talked about the various activities and schedule at St. Agnes Cathedral on
Saturday, Sept. 29th.  These activities include an organ concert in the cathedral,
an ice crème social, a group picture on the steps of the Cathedral, and a mass
with the Bishop. He told the council they should help with the movement of chairs
and tables and be visible which includes wearing our shirts and badges.

         2.  Also, he mentioned the council members from 698 plan to attend an early mass at
               the Cathedral in honor of its’ Centennial.


       3.  Fr. Mike mentioned that there were about 195 people who showed up for the “Why
               be a Catholic” Meeting.  He suggested that our Council should show up at these
               meetings in groups wearing our shirts and name badges.  This should give the council


       4.  He encouraged the Council to contribute monies for the “10 Commandment
 He said that Council 698 plans to place it in their Hall.  We could place
            it where all St Agnes parishioners could see it.


       5.  He encouraged our Council to make a commitment to the Sunday afternoon Bingo.


       6.  He said that he came in place of Mons. Westhues because the Mons. was not feeling 







      Treasurer's and Financial Secretaries Reports:

        The Financial Secretary was not present so there was no report from him.  The Treasurer
        reported the bills and incoming monies of the Council The bottom line is the Council’s

        Financial is in fine shape.  He also mentioned 20 more shirts for council members will
        be ordered.


   Unfinished and New Business:

       1.  There was a lot of discussion about hosting Sunday afternoon Bingo.  Ben and Randy
            and others initiated the discussion. There was a suggestion that we ask Jim Moran to
            come and talk to us in detail about hosting a Bingo activity which involves a big
            commitment.  It was suggested that we need to get a “women’s auxiliary” started
            which could help us with the Bingo activity.  It was suggested to talk to Tom Nelson,
            our District Deputy about organizing the auxiliary---we need at least 10 ladies.  It was
            also suggested that getting more council members active in the council activities
            could help us with Bingo.  Jim Greer suggested we send out a flier to all members
            for the purpose of increasing their activeness in the council.

       2.  John Woolridge made a motion that we pledge $500 (to be paid over a period of time)
            to obtain the “10 Commandment Monument” to display at the Cathedral.  John
            Woolridge seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous and carried the motion.

       3.  The Grand knight mentioned the breakfast for next time as consisting mainly of
and gravy, bacon and eggs, and fruit cocktail with only 2 boxes of donuts.

       4.  Ben Francka, the Council's past Grand Knight and the present Grand Knight were
            presented a “Double Star” plaque award by the District Deputy for the success of
            the Council’s increasing number of members.  We presently have 72 members in the

       5.   Randy outlined a few items concerning the Bartenders Ball which will be held in

       6.   The Grand Knight outlined the presentation venue of Vera Faith Lord in
             Springfield during October 11-14th inclusive.  Keith mentioned she has CD’s
              available for sale.

         From the Insurance Agent:

           No report. Not present.


       From the District Deputy:  

       Presented the “Double Star” Award to the Council.  Also mentioned we have to get
       more active in recruitment and retention of our members and get them more active
       in Council Activities.  He also mentioned various future activities which are mentioned

      Closing of Meeting:

         The Grand Knight closed the meeting and Father Mike led the Council in “Our Father”
         “Hail Mary”, and “Glory Be”.



                          Future Activities


Sept. 28th--Triva Night at Council 698

Sept. 29th--MO. Catholic Conference in St. Louis.

Sept. 29th---10 am--Meet at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (SEAS) to load tables and
                    chairs to deliver at St. Agnes for Centennial Celebration

Sept. 30th---2:00 pm--Centennial Kickoff Mass at the Cathedral and ice crème
                     social—afternoon organ concert, ice crème social, 5:00 pm Mass and
                     group picture on steps of cathedral.

Oct. 12-13th-Tootsie Roll Drive at Wal-Mart in Republic---Oct. 14th at Cathedral

Oct. 12-14th inclusive---Vera Faith Lord at various venues in Springfield

Oct. 14th---Knight’s Rosary at 8:30am in chapel

Oct. 19th--- 6:30-8:30 pm Council Cookout for Boo-fest at St. Agnes

Oct. 20th----2007 "Voice for Life" Convention in Springfield.

Oct. 21st----8-11:00 am—Knight’s Breakfast in Cafeteria

Oct. 21st----2nd and 3rd degrees in Warrensburg

Oct. 21st—11 am--1, 2nd and 3rd degrees in Monnet—St. Lawrence—1st at 11am,
                  2nd and 3rd at 1 pm

Oct. 21st ---7pm—Living Rosary at Holy Trinity

Oct. 24th—7:00 pm---Council Meeting in Band room

Oct. 27 ---28th---State Bowling Tournament

Nov. 16th---St Agnes Trivia Night and Cleanup for Council

Nov. 17th ----4th degree at Jeff City

Nov. 26th----Bartenders Ball hosted by our Council

Nov.27th—7 pm—1st  degree at Holy Trinity



                        Past Activities




July 8th---Knights Rosary after 8:30 am Mass

July 9th----Street Cleanup--see above for details

July 15th----cookout after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm masses. Be there to help at 8:30 am and
                   3:30 pm.

July 25th----July Knights Council meeting

July 28th----Regional District Deputies meeting at noon at Immaculate Conception parish in

July 29th---Councils participation at Mass and distribute the rosary rings

August 4th---2007 Missouri State Golf Tournament

August 18th and 19th----Horseshoe Tournament

August 25th---- Golf Tournament at Deer Lake

 Sept. 5th----Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight Meeting at Holy Trinity

Sept. 9th----Knight's Rosary after 8:30 am mass

Sept. 16th---Knight's Breakfast 8:00am- 11:00am in St. Agnes Cathedral cafeteria
                     Then a meeting about Habitat for Humanity in building behind Bingo Hall

Sept. 21st---2nd and 3rd Degrees at Holy Trinity in Aurora---be there before 12:00 noon

Sept. 22nd--Sporting Clay Tournament---contact Randy Friga for details

Sept. 26th—Next Council Meeting in band Room of St. Agnes Elementary