The September meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7:01 pm, followed
       by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”. All officers were present
       except the Inside Guard, Outside Guard and 2nd Year Trustee.  A total of 16 members
       were present.  A motion was made to accept the minutes and seconded from the last
       meeting.  A vote carried the motion.

   From the Grand Knight:

1.  The Grand Knight gave names for 3 new members into the Council. After a discussion,
     A motion was made and seconded to accept them.  A vote carried the motion.

2.  The G.K. mentioned it was important to place the sponsor’s name on Knight
     Applications and go to the 1st degree with the sponsored applicant or find someone
     who could attend. He also mentioned the Council had 90 members so far.

3.  The G.K. mentioned the Catholic Conference Annual Meeting was Sept. 26th in
     Jefferson City and the Missouri State Knights Meeting Oct. 4th at the Lake of the

4.  The G. K. also mentioned we plan to take over the Eucharistic Minister, Lecturing and
     possibly other duties at Saint Agnes Cathedral on the 5th Sunday in November.

5.  The G. K. mentioned the next Prolife lecturer for the area.  His name is Mark Kleen.

6.  The G. K. also the Council Meeting in November will be on the 3rd Wednesday because
      of the proximity of Thanksgiving.

7.  The G. K. also mentioned the Knight’s Clay Shoot in Branson.

8.  The G. K. mentioned the Youth are working on their essays and posters for the Alcohol



                and Drug Abuse Activity. Also he mentioned that the Gym was scheduled for the Free
                Throw Activity.  If anyone would be interested in helping, contact the G.K.


         9.  The G. K. also mentioned the Soccer Tournament in Springfield organized in Lebanon
            on Oct. 3rd.  If there are any Knights who wished to help, contact the G.K.


      10.  He also thanked the Knights who worked at the last Pancake Breakfast and mentioned
              the super turn-out.


      11.  The G. K. also the monies raised by the scouts and Tim Havens for the car-wash.  He
              mentioned most of the cars were owned by Knights and thanked the Knights.





       From the Chaplin:  

1.      Fr. Mike mentioned this is the “Year of the Priests and we should try to sponsor some.


2.       Fr. Mike praised the Council’s Activities including the Breakfast, BBQ and other
activities, really help to create a Community for the Parish.


3.      He also welcomed Deacon Mark Wand to the as a Knight Member.


4.      He also mentioned that the K of C Horse-shoe Contest was a lot of fun and that
possibly the Council may wish to have a team.




     Treasurer's and Financial Secretary’s Reports:


        The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last
        council meeting.  Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in
        good condition and reported the amount of monies the Council had in the bank.
       He also reported on the amount to date of the 5% savings account received
       from the Council activities.  The Financial Secretary also reported and thought the
       Council’s financial was in good shape.






     Unfinished and New Business:

             Various items were addressed.

1.      John Smithberg reported on the Knights Bingo.  He asked that more knights help
at the Bingo on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the 698 Bingo Emporium.

2.      The next Knights Bowling Tournament to raise monies for the Kitchen was
next discussed and the possibility of having a Council Team.


3.       Fr. Mike led a discussion on the Wall Display for the Council in the Band Room.


4.      The Financial Secretary mentioned the problem of dues not paid by some Council
Members. He further stated that Council Member volunteers are needed to contact
these people.



5.      The parish nurse asked if Council Knights could help out in the next Parish Blood-Drive.
Dr. Keith Norton will help to organize this which includes Youth and Ladies Auxillary


6.      Tim Griese reported on magnets for Christmas.  He said we have 133 left after selling
close to 200 last year.  After a discussion, it was motioned we buy Christmas 200
window clings.  There was a second to the motion and the vote carried the motion.


7.      This years’ Tootsie Roll Drive was next discussed. After the discussion, the time and
date was set for Oct. 9th to 10th at the Wall-Mart in Republic.  Times included Friday
evening for a few hours, daytime hours on the Saturday.  In addition, after all Sunday
Masses on the 11th.  A schedule sheet was distributed for signup times.


8.      The Bartenders Ball was discussed as well as what we could do for 5th Anniversary of
Council 13682.  The discussion was tabled to look at open dates for the Anniversary.


9.      There was a petition for volunteers to help out with the Boo-fest Oct.23rd.  We will
cook hot dogs for the activity as well as other things.


10.  John Wooldridge reported on his activities in Haiti.  He mentioned the people were
very grateful for the clean water.  He said he would be going out again in Oct. and
asked if the Council could contribute $50 aspirin and first aid kits.  The motions were
made and the vote carried.


11.  A second petition was made by John Wooldridge for $100 to repair a music stand. 
The  motions were made but the vote did not carry.


12.  Jim Tuckness motioned that Randy Friga receive wholesale mode for his purchases for
 Knights of Columbus items because of his tireless activities in Haiti.  The vote was
seconded and the vote carried the motion.


13.   Fr. Mike led a discussion on the setting up and taking down the Christmas decorations
for the Cathedral and property.  He made a suggestion the Knights could possibly do
this as an annual activity.  He asked this could be tabled until the next meeting and that
Deacon Mark Wand could be the Council’s contact for this.


14.  A discussion on cleaning up the trash area and doing the street cleanup.  The time and
date for this was tabled until the next meeting.


15.  A discussion was made on purchasing decorative trash cans.  It was decided that Deacon
Mark would research it and report back to the Council.


16.  Fr. Mike asked if we could do something for Fr. Rudolph because he is leaving on
Jan.7th of next year.  The Council decided to discuss it at the next meeting after a
 discussion between members before the next meeting.





      From the Insurance Agent:

     No report---not present




       From the District Deputy: 

         Charlie West mentioned important dates (included below under future events)

       Pray for Special People:

     We should keep these people in our thoughts and prayers:


     Rex Meuting, Carl Vaughn and George Donegan.       



         Closing of Meeting:


        The Grand Knight closed the meeting with the “Hail Mary” and “Glory Be”.




                                    Future Activities




Sept. 26th------Missouri Catholic Conference Annual Meeting at Jefferson City


Oct. 3rd--------Soccer tournament in Springfield sponsored by Lebanon Knights


Oct. ­9-10th---Tootsie Roll Drive @ Republic Wall Mart, 8:00 am -3:00pm


Oct 11th-------Tootsie Roll Drive after all Masses @ St. Agnes Cathedral


Oct. 14th------Council Bingo @ 698 Bingo Emporium 6:30—9:30 pm


Oct. 18th------Knights Breakfast @ St. Agnes Elementary Cafeteria 8:00-11:00 am


Oct. 21st --------4th Degree Meeting @7:30 pm at Council 1877


Oct 23rd -------Boo Fest at St. Agnes Cafeteria


Oct. 28th-----St. Agnes K of C Meeting in Elementary School Band Room @ 7:00pm