The August meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7:06 pm, followed
       by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”. All officers were present
       except the Deputy Grand Knight, Financial Secretary, Lecturer, Inside Guard, 2nd and
       3rd Year Trustees. A total of 14 knights were present.  No minutes were read from the
       previous meeting since there was no July meeting.

   From the Deputy Grand Knight:

1.  The Grand Knight asked to accept Josh Hacker as a new knight in our Council
     Randy Friga motioned we accept him, John Kubicek seconded the motion and
     the vote carried the motion.

2.  The G.K. reported on the 3 summer BBQs and thanked all who helped.  He
      mentioned they were very successful.

3.  The G.K. thanked all those who were involved in preparation of the Brisket for
     one of the meals for Camp Renewal.

4.  The G. K. encouraged our Council to buy places at a table for the “Support Vitae”
     Activity to be held on October 18th.  Also, we should buy an advertisement in the
     Bulletin.  The Grand Knight said we will discuss this in detail later under the
     “New Business” category, listed below.

5.  The G. K. asked us to be involved in the Centennial Activities and this will be
     discussed later in the meeting under the “New Business” category, listed below.

6.  The G. K. next mentioned the Pastoral Solutions and we would discuss this
     under “New Business”, listed below.








       From the Chaplin:  

        No report---no official Chaplin yet.           




     Treasurer's and Financial Secretary’s Reports:


        The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last
        council meeting.  Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in
        good condition.  No report from the absent Financial Secretary.






     Unfinished and New Business:

             Various items were addressed.

1.       The Treasurer reminded those who wish to participate in the 4th Degree on Sept.20th need
 to take care of certain duties concerning this Degree including the Sept. 6th deadline for
 registration, costs and where to purchase your tuxedo.

2.      Andy Love mentioned the “Youth Activities” group upcoming activities, including the
“Essay, “Poster”, ” Basketball Free Throw” and “Soccer Challenge” Events.

3.      The G. K. led a discussion on an advertisement concerning Pastoral Solutions. A motion
was made and seconded that the Council give $275 for Ads.  The motion was voted by

4.      The G. K. led a discussion on the “Tootsie Roll Drive” to be held in front of Wall-Mart in
 Republic on Oct 10th and 11th and at St. Agnes Cathedral on Oct. 12th after all masses.  The
Tootsie Rolls need to be ordered by August 30th.  A motion was made and seconded that we
purchase the minimum number of boxes.  The vote carried the motion.  Joe Schumaker
reviewed the activities involved in the Tootsie Roll Drive in reference to the Council’s

5.      The “Roses for Life” was discussed next.  John Wooldridge motioned that we obtain 500
Roses before the Sept. 1st deadline.  Jim Greir seconded the motion and a vote carried the

6.      Randy Friga led a discussion on the need for monies to purchase certain clothing apparel
for seminarians.  He motioned that we contribute $100 to this need.  A second was made and
 a vote carried the motion.

7.      Jim Tuckness led a discussion on monies needed by the Ladies Auxiliary for the baked goods
and work the ladies contributed to the BBQ.  A motion was made and seconded that we
contribute $200 to the auxiliary and a vote carried the motion.  Jim Tuckness commented this
is a fair contribution.

8.      Andy Love mentioned there were tickets available for the Springfield Cardinals game on
August 27th.  This is a St. Agnes Centennial Activity.  The Bishop will throw out the first

9.      Next a discussion took place concerning the Centennial Activities including a fireworks
display.  Andy Love made a motion that The Council contributes $250 to the Centennial
Committee for all activities.  The motion was seconded and a vote carried the motion.

10.   The G. K. suggested that members help the Centennial Committee at the potluck dinner
Sept. 27th.

11.   The G. K. led a discussion on the organization of the next Knight’s Breakfast on Sept. 21st.

12.    Randy Friga discussed the next “Clay Shoot” on Sept. 27th. 

13.    Randy Friga announced he purchased a smoker which is available for the Council when
needed.  He mentioned it could be used for the Ladies Auxiliary “Pig Roast” on Nov. 1st.

14.   A motion was made that the Council buy a new fryer to fry potatoes and fish for future
Council and Auxiliary activities.  There was a second on the motion and a vote carried the

15.   Next a discussion on the need for the Council’s storage space concerning dinners etc.  The
G. K acknowledged the concern and said that we are presently using facilities in the school’s
cafeteria for that purpose.








      From the Insurance Agent:

          1.  Joe Shumaker discussed the Council needs to have more Council Members with
           Knight’s insurance. He suggested we prepare a flyer advertising our Council and these
           be distributed to potential parish Knights.  He mentioned that “Supreme” would absorb
           the costs and distribution of these flyers.  He hoped that this would attract more
           members to a total of 200-250 Knight members for our Council.  This needed to be done
           before the end of this Fall. 

         2.  He also discussed the changes in the “Guaranteed Life Policy”.




       From the District Deputy: 

           Not Present



       Pray for Special People:

1.       Mark Merz son.

2.      Father Mike’s Brother who passed away.

3.      Bill Sweckert who passed away

4.      The son-in- of John Kubicek.



         Closing of Meeting:


        The Grand Knight closed the meeting with the “Hail Mary” and “Glory Be”.




                                    Future Activities






Aug. 23rd--------13681 (IC) Golf Tournament@ Deer Lake----to benefit the Kitchen


Aug. 27th-----Catholic Night at the Springfield Cardinals---Hammons Field


Aug 30th-----Tootsie Roll order deadline.


Aug. 31----Fifth Sunday


Sept. 1st------Deadline for Roses for Life to be ordered


Sept. 6th-----Forms and monies due for 4th Degree Exemplification


Sept. 20th---4th Degree Exemplification in Springfield---at Clarion Hotel, Springfield


Sept. 21st----K of C Breakfast in St. Agnes Cafeteria---8:30—11:00 am


Sept. 24th---Monthly Council Meeting (13682) at St. Agnes Band room---7:00 pm


Sept. 27th-----Ozarks Shooters Clay Shoot----Branson


Sept. 27th----Ladies Auxiliary “Pot Luck Dinner”


Sept. 28th---St. Agnes Parish Centennial Closing Ceremonies---5:00 pm


Oct. 10th----Tootsie Roll Weekend at Wal-Mart, Republic---Oct 10-11 and Oct. 12th at after St.
                   Agnes Cathedral Masses.


Oct. 18th-----Support Vitae


Oct. 22nd----Monthly Council Meeting (13682) at St. Agnes Band room—7:00 pm










                        Past Activities  (SEE PAST MONTHS FOR MORE)







June 8th------First Degree at 698. Call Hall for details.


June 18th---Fourth Degree Meeting at 7:00 pm at Council 698 Hall


June 29th-----Knight’s Council Mass at 8:30 am

June 29th----June-July BBQ after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm Masses


June 29th-----Fifth Sunday.


July 1st---DUE—Report of new Council Officers Chosen (Form 185).


July 12th----State DD Meeting in Springfield at Holy Trinity.


July 11-13---State District Deputy Meeting in Springfield.


July 16th-- Fourth Degree Officer Installation—7:00 pm @698 Hall


July 20th—Knights BBQ at St. Agnes---11:00 am ---7:00pm or when food runs out


July 22nd---First Degree@ Holy Trinity at 7:00 pm


July 23rd---(13682) St. Agnes Installation of Officers with pot luck dinner—7:00 pm


August 17th----Knight’s BBQ at St. Agnes---11:00am-7:00 pm


August 20th--- Knight’ Meeting at &:00 pm at St. Agnes Band Room.