The Grand Knight led the Council in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and "The Our
       Father" and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The roll of officers was called.  The
       following officers were not present: The Advocate, Warden, Inside Guard, and the 1st
       and second Year Trustee. A total of 16 members were present. The minutes from the
      last meeting were distributed and 2 mistakes were corrected.

   From the Grand Knight:

       1.  A new transfer to our Council was announced after discussion a motion was made
            and seconded and a vote carried the motion.  The new member is Rev. Eric


       2. The Grand Knight made positive comments on the attendance of Council Members
           at the July 29th 11:30 am Mass.  He also mentioned the nice ceremony of Install-
           of new Council Officers and the family meal after the Installation.

       3. A special thanks was made to the all Council members who attended The Treasurer
           Lake Outing.  Also, a special thanks was extended to Randy Friga for organizing
           the outing.

       4. A mention was made of the good attendance at the last Council BBQ for the year.

       5. The Grand Knight mentioned we need to now concentrate our efforts on the Knight's
           Breakfast on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

         6.  A letter of thanks from the Little Sisters of the Poor was mentioned for the Council's



     From the Chaplin:

        Father Mike was present in place of Mons. Westheus.  Father Mike made the
       following comments:

       1. We need to include prayers for a wounded soldier in Afghanistan, Andrew Johnson
             who survived a spleen operation and was recovering in Germany.    

         2.  Also, he asked for us to keep in our minds and prayers, the brother of Tim Grise,
           who is in Baghdad.


       3.  Fr. Mike mentioned that Joshuah Norris was given an honorable discharge from the


       4.  He encouraged the Council to pursue the sponsoring of "Knight's Sunday Bingo" at


            1:00 pm.  He also, mentioned this time would be better for us than at night.


       5.  He also encouraged the Council to participate with the other area councils in the
            "Habitat for Humanity" program and further mentioned that we can identify with the
            poor by being involved with this program.


       6.  He said that the "Installation of Council Officers" and the following family meal was
            very very good.


       7.  He commented in a positive way concerning the Council's Breakfast and added it
            would be nice if name tags could be given to the parishioners present at each


       8.  Agreed on the idea from the District Deputy to pass out the Military prayer book
            to those military in our Parish.  He also mentioned Don Rippie could talk with 698
            and obtain more Military Prayer Books.  See # 3 below as initiated by the District




      Treasurer's and Financial Secretaries Reports:

        Indicated a positive state of the finances of the Council after the bills were paid.  These
        bills were as follows:  St. Agnes Kitchen Commercial can opener, and costs for the last
        BBQ.  A motion was made to pay the bills by Randy Friga.  It was seconded by Ben
        Francka, and the vote carried the motion.  We also need to reimburse some $ to
        Council 9533.      



   Unfinished and New Business:

       1. Jim Greer and Mark Merz talked about the past "Habitat for Humanity" meeting at
           Council 698.  They mentioned that the it would be a joint venture of all local
           Councils and Parishes.  If we did not decide to do this joint venture, our Council
            may be looked on in a negative way.  Possibly, instead we could expend our efforts
            in helping the Parish and/Diocese.  After much discussion, the idea was tabled until
           the Sept. meetting.  There will be another meeting at 1:00 pm after our next breakfast
           (Sept. 16th?) behind the Knight's Bingo Hall.

       2.  The possibility of hosting, in part, a Bingo activity on Sundays with another Council
            was mentioned.  A large discussion followed.  It was concluded that we need to
            contact more of our members to get involved.  The District Deputy added that all
            members involved in the Bingo activity needed to be trained and be a member of
            the Knights for at least 2 years. 

       3.  A thank you note from Rosie San Paulo to the Council was acknowledged for the
            Council's contribution to Vera Lord for her local presentations on "Voice for Life"

       4.  Ben Francka, the Council's past Grand Knight acknowledged an award given to
            our Council from the "Supreme".  That award was a "Star Council" Award for
            the 2006-2007 year. 
There was a 200% growth in membership in the Council
            during that time.  A Double Star Pin was given to us by the Supreme Knight.

       5.  Randy Friga said that the Republic news paper will give our Council attention
            during our next Tootsie Roll Drive to be held at WalMart in Republic.  He also
            mentioned there was a letter from the city of Republic thanking the Council for the
            $480 given to there school district.  This year's Drive in Republic will be Oct.12-

       6.  Ben Francka mentioned he would like to see a more successful Knight's Rosary
            after the 8:30 am Mass on the second Sunday of each month.

       7.  Ryan Neill a discussion on the advertisement of our Council on the back of the St.
            Agnes Sunday Bulletin.  It was agreed that various information about the Council
            be there including the URL, name of the council and a word logo and e-mail address. 



         From the Insurance Agent:

           No report. Not present.


       From the District Deputy:  

       1.  Our Council not only should recruit members but do special things for them such as
             drive them to the meetings.
       2.  There is a form available whoever wants to join the Fr. McGiveny Guild.
       3.  There are Catholic Prayer Handbooks available for military personnel in our Parish.
       4.  Our Council should buy some roses for "Roses for Life" and pass them out after
            masses.  After a discussion there was a motion by Randy Friga and seconded by
            Ben Francka that we buy that we buy 400 rose cards.  During the discussion, there
            was a mention that a map could be placed in the Church bulletin along with the rest
            of the information about the Council as is shown in #7 above in Unfinished Business.
            After discussion and 1st and 2nd on the motion, the unanimous vote carried the motion. 
       5.  Father Mike thought it would be important and effective for about 10 parishioners to
            hand write a letter supporting right to life to each of their representatives in Jefferson City.


      Closing of Meeting:

         The Grand Knight closed the meeting and Father Mike led the closing prayer.



                          Future Activities

Sept. 5th----Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight Meeting at Holy Trinity

Sept. 9th----Knight's Rosary after 8:30 am mass

Sept. 16th---Knight's Breakfast 8:00am- 11:00am in St. Agnes Cathedral cafeteria
                     Then a meeting about Habitat for Humanity in building behind Bingo Hall

Sept. 21st---2nd and 3rd Degrees at Holy Trinity in Aurora---be there before 12:00 noon

Sept. 22nd--Sporting Clay Tournament---contact Randy Friga for details

Sept. 26th—Next Council Meeting in band Room of St. Agnes Elementary

Sept. 28th--Triva Night at Council 698

Sept. 29th--MO. Catholic Conference in St. Louis.

Sept. 30th---Centennial Kickoff Mass at the Cathedral and ice crème social

Oct. 12-14th-Tootsie Roll Drive at WalMart in Republic

Oct. 20th----2007 "Voice for Life" Convention in Springfield.

Nov. 16th---Trivia Night Cleanup for Council 698



                        Past Activities




July 8th---Knights Rosary after 8:30 am Mass

July 9th----Street Cleanup--see above for details

July 15th----cookout after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm masses. Be there to help at 8:30 am and
                   3:30 pm.

July 25th----July Knights Council meeting

July 28th----Regional District Deputies meeting at noon at Immaculate Conception parish in

July 29th---Councils participation at Mass and distribute the rosary rings

August 4th---2007 Missouri State Golf Tournament

August 18th and 19th----Horseshoe Tournament

August 25th---- Golf Tournament at Deer Lake