The Grand Knight led the Council in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and "The Our
       Father".  The roll of officers was called.  The following officers were present;  Grand
       Knight, Treasurer, Chancellor, 2nd year Trustee, Deputy Grand Knight, Recorder,
       Financial Secretary and Treasurer.  A total of 11 members were present.

   From the Grand Knight:

       1.  A motion for reactivation into the Knights for Greg Stark was made, the motion was
            seconded and the vote passed.


       2.  A new council member, Tom Hall, was recognized.

       3. The last cookout was successful--we will have another on July 15th.

       4. Need to set a date for the next Tootsie Roll Drive in Republic and it was mentioned
           the monies from this could go to the Youth Program.

       5. A motion was made to send $100 to the Knights at Greenberg Kansas to aid in the relief
           of the tornado victims.

       6. The 27th annual Knights horse shoe tournament will be held in Kansas City, 08/18 and

       7. The 2007 Knights of Columbus Missouri State Golf Tournament will be held in Kansas
           City on 08/03 and 08/04.

       8. The Council needs to complete the Columbian Award form for 07-06 to 07-07.

       9. We need to send the names of the new Officers for the Council to National.

      10. We need to get in our Council info into the Religious Information Bureau (RIB) before

      11.  There will be a Knights golf tournament at Deer Lake.


     From the Chaplin:

        No report--not present



      Treasurer's and Financial Secretaries Reports:

        Indicated a positive state of the finances of the Council.              



   Unfinished and New Business:

       1. Keith Norton made a motion that our Council contributes $400 to help support a speaker
           for anti-abortion who will present at many local venues.  A second was made by John
          Kubicek.  A discussion followed and a scheduled time between Oct.11-14 was decided.
          The vote carried the motion. The Deputy Grand Knight then made a motion that we
          present a banner at the various venues to show our Councils support.  A second was
          made and the motion carried by Councils vote.

       2.  Ryan Neil rescheduled the rain-out date for the Street Cleanup at 6:30 pm 7/09--we
            will meet at Price-Cutters on Grand and Kansas Expressway.  Ryan will e-mail us.

       3. Ryan Neil made a motion that we place an advertisement for Our Council on the back
           of the Cathedral's Sunday Bulletin.  It was seconded but tabled until next months’

       4.  It was mentioned that there will be a District Deputies Meeting at Immaculate
           Conception Church at noon on 07/28th.

       5.  Ann Compton is planning to have a Trivia Night at the Knights of C. Hall.  Please call
            her, she needs help.

       6.  Jim Greer mentioned that Ralph Telcher is organizing a Knights Bowling League from
            various councils.  Starts Labor Day.  If interested contact Ralph.


         From the Insurance Agent:

           No report. Not present.


       From the District Deputy:  

       No report--Not present

      Closing of Meeting:

         Closing of meeting was lead by the Grand Knight as well as the Closing prayer, Hail



                          Future Activities



 July 8th---Knights Rosary after 8:30 am Mass

July 9th----Street Cleanup--see above for details

July 15th----cookout after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm masses. Be there to help at 8:30 am and
                   3:30 pm.

July 25th----July Knights Council meeting

July 28th----Regional District Deputies meeting at noon at Immaculate Conception parish in

July 29th---Councils participation at Mass and distribute the rosary rings

August 4th---2007 Missouri State Golf Tournament

August 18th and 19th----Horseshoe Tournament

August 25th---- Golf Tournament at Deer Lake



                        Past Activities




July 4th---Participation in an Independence Day Parade at Marshfield, MO.  Get on
               the Knight's Float

July 9th---Knights Rosary at St. Agnes Cathedral after 7:00am Mass in the Chapel

July 12th--A special council meeting in downtown Springfield

July 16th--Blues and Barbeque at St. Agnes after 11:30am and 5:00 pm masses.

July 29th--Knights 1st Degree at Council # 9533

July 30th-Treasure Lake Cookout from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Aug. 2nd---St. Agnes Parish Picnic and Silent Auction after 5:30 pm mass

 Aug. 4th-5th--Parish Garage Sale in Gym.

Aug. 6th-8th ---Tootsie Roll Drive at Wal-Mart in Republic

Aug. 20th or 27th---Barbeque cookout after 11:30 and 5:30 Masses.

Aug. 21st-----Bartenders Practice @ Council #698

Aug. 22nd----2nd degree at Holy Trinity at 6:30pm

Aug. 23rd------next St. Agnes Knights meeting at 7:00pm in Band Room

Aug. 26th---Golf Tournament for the Knights---Aug. 12th deadline for sign-up

Sept. 10th--knights and parishioners rosary at 9:45am in chapel

Sept. 11th--"World Day of Peace" observation

Sept. 15th--"Roses for Life" cards order due for Council

Sept. 17th---8-11am Knights Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria

Sept. 21st--7-9pm--Ecumenical Meeting on Anti-cloning and Voice for Life at Central
                  Assembly (N. Boonville)

Sept. 26th.-- 6:45pm-1st Degree at Holy Trinity.

Sept. 27th-- 7:00 pm knights next council meeting in band room

Sept. 30th---9:30 Catholic Conference Assembly in Jefferson City

Oct. 1st----50th Anniversary Celebration of Diocese --2:30 pm at University Plaza

Oct. 1st---Poker Run--starts at Pierce City and ends at Springfield Catholic

Oct. 6-8th--Tootsie Roll Drive at the Wal-Mart in Republic.

Oct. 8th----Rosary after 8:30 Mass in the Chapel

Oct 15th----Knight's Breakfast in Cafeteria from 8:30 to 11:00 am.

Oct. 15th--12:30 pm, 2nd and 3rd degrees at Council #698

Oct. 19th--presentation of Stem Cell Initiative at Hammons Heart Institute

Oct.21st---7-midnight--Benefit Dance for Brad Burnum at Knight's Hall---$10/per person

Oct. 24th--2nd and 3rd Degree at Holy Trinity

Oct. 25th---7:00 pm--next Council Meeting

Oct. 28th--after 5:30 pm Mass--the Council will cook burgers and help out at Boo Fest
                --council members there by 3-3:30 pm

Oct. 28th and 29th---aid youth group in taking orders for smoked turkey breasts after
                             all masses.

Nov. 4th and 5th---council members to man a booth at the St. Agnes Cathedral's Stewardship

Nov. 12th-----Council's rosary after the 8:30 am mass.

Nov. 18th---Council members to help the youth group wrap and box smoked turkey breasts to
                    be frozen at cafeteria.

Nov. 19th---Knight's breakfast 8:00--11:00 am in cafeteria.

Nov. 22nd---next Council Meeting at 7:00 pm in the Band Room.

Dec. 4th---8:00pm to 12:00--Bartenders Ball at Howard Johnsons (Oasis Inn &
                                            Convention Center) on  North Glenstone---$45 per
                                            person in Advance or $55 at the door--proceeds to go to
                                           The Special Olympics

Dec. 9th---6:00 pm at Sacred Heart Parish--Celebration of "Our Lady of Guadalupe"

 Dec.10th--after 8:30 am Mass--Knight's Rosary

Dec. 17th--8:00 -11:00 am--Knights Breakfast

Dec. 27th--next council meeting--St. Agnes Elementary band room---Knight’s Social with wives

Dec.31st--Council 698's Holiday Party at the Knights Hall---6-7 Social Hour; 7 Dinner--9--
                 Lounge Party with music.  Dinner and lounge party=$20 per person; $10 per
                 person for lounge party only ---supervised Children's party in Baron Room--$5
                 per child


Jan. 6th and 7th---distribute Roses for Life cards in pews at Cathedral before all Masses

Jan. 14th---after 8:30 am Mass--Knight's Rosary

Jan. 21st---8:00-11:00 am--Knight's Breakfast

Jan. 21st---Knight's Bowl-athon----Enterprise Lanes

Jan. 24th---Council's Jan. Meeting in Band room.

Feb. 3rd--District Free Throw event at Holy Trinity

Feb. 8th--Religious Appreciation Dinner

Feb. 11th--Knight's Rosary after 8:30 am Mass in Chapel.

Feb. 4th and March 10th---4th Degree in Kansas City

Feb. 17th--Marti Gras at I.C.

Feb. 18th--Knight's Breakfast in Cafeteria -- 8-11 am

Feb. 24th--Regional Free Throw event at Springfield Catholic

March 1st--2nd and 3rd degrees in Jeff City.

March 2nd-- Council Lenten Fish Fry--St. Agnes 4:00- 7:00 pm

March 4th--3rd Degree in Jefferson City

March 9th--Rosary for the Canonization of Fr. McGivney

March 10th--4th Degree in St. Louis

March 11th---Knight's rosary after the 8:30 am Mass

March 16th--2nd Council Lenten Fish Fry--St. Agnes 4:00 - 7:00 pm

March 18th---Knight's breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria from 8:00- 11:00 am

March 28th--No Council Meeting --- Chrism Mass at 7:30 pm in Cathedral

March 29th--Council rosary for the celebration of The Knights of Columbus 125th Anniversary.

April 15th--- 1st degree in Kimberling City.

March 27th--1st degree at Holy Trinity.

April 16th--Knights' at St Louis Cardinal baseball game.

May 10th--First Adopt-A-Street cleanup activity for the Council---meet at 6:00 pm
                  at Price Cutters on Kansas Expressway and Grand Street

May 13th---Council Breakfast 8:00 am - 11:00 am??

May 13th---Council Rosary after the 8:30 am Mass

May 20th---Council Breakfast at 8:00-11:00 am if not on May 13th.

May 23rd--Council meeting at 7:00 pm

June 10th---Knight's Rosary after the 8:30 am Mass

June 16th---K.C. council 1075 golf tournament in Monett

June 24th---Council's barbecue at St. Agnes

June 27th---Next Council Meeting in band room at St. Agnes

July 8th ----Knight's Rosary after the 8:30 am Mass