The June meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7:05 pm, followed
       by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”. All officers were present
       except the Chancellor, Lecturer, Advocate, Warden, Inside Guard, and 3rd Year Trustee. 
       A total of 17 knights were present.  The minutes from the April Meeting were accepted
       after a correction was made concerning the correction of dates for future activities. 
      A motion was made to accept the minutes.  The motion was seconded and the vote
      carried the motion.

   From the Deputy Grand Knight:

1.  A motion to accept Philip Neill to the Council was made, seconded and a vote
     carried the motion.

2.  The G.K. welcomed the present deputy director (Tom Nelson), the new deputy
     director (Charlie West), and the insurance agent, Joe Schumaker.

3.  The G.K. led the discussion and procedure for next years’ new officers. The new
     officers are to be installed with Randy Friga presiding over the activity, on July
     23rd, with a pot luck dinner.

4.  The G.K, along with Tom Nelson and Charlie West presided over the election
     process of new officers.  The nomination(s) for each office was (were) made,
     seconded and voted on by the Council.  The nomination(s) for each office are
     listed below with the name of the new officer underlined;

     Grand Knight = Tim Griese                  Advocate = John Compton and Jim Tuckness
     Deputy Grand Knight = Ryan Neill     Warden = John Kubicek
     Chancellor = John Smithberg                Inside Guard = Alan Norris
     Recorder = Erwin Mantei                     Outside Guard = Josh Norris and John Bueno
     Financial Secretary = Mark Merz         Trustee-3rd Year = Ben Francka and Josh Norris
     Lecturer = Ben Francka                        Trustee-2nd Year = Ben Francka
     Treasurer = Jim Grier                            Trustee-1st Year = John Wooldridge

5.  The G.K. mentioned the change of date for the Council’s August Meeting. The next
     meeting is one week earlier, on August 20th because of a conflict of schedule with
     “Catholic Night at the Ballpark” (Hammons Field and the Springfield Cardinals). 

6.  The G. K. next mentioned the upcoming BBQ nights for the Council and mentioned
     this will be discussed under “New Business”. Listed below.

7.  The G. K. also mentioned Ryan Neill brought back the Circle of Honor for our
     Council from the State Meeting.

8.  The Grand Knight also mentioned that $650 from Sunset Stroll was given for
     scholarship assistance to St. Agnes Elementary.

9.  Also mentioned by the G. K. was the monies given for the Council Banner paid by
     Ben Francka and the help needed to help elderly women to move boxes.








       From the Chaplin:  

        No report---no official Chaplin yet.           




     Treasurer's and Financial Secretary’s Reports:


        The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last
        council meeting.  Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in
        good condition. 






     Unfinished and New Business:

             A discussion on the future Council BBQ’s dominated the unfinished and new
             business category.  It was decided that there be 2 additional Council BBQ’s this
             summer besides the one scheduled on June 29th.  The other dates are July 20th and
             August 17th.  Prices, menu and times to be there to help were established.  It was
             mentioned that the Women’s Auxiliary would help at each event.








      From the Insurance Agent:

           Joe Shumaker discussed the Council needs to have more Council Members with
           Knight’s insurance. He mentioned he would work-on-it.




       From the District Deputy: 

           Congratulated the new officers, mentioned his last days as the District Deputy and
           congratulated Charlie West as his replacement.  He also mentioned a First Degree
           would take place on July 22nd at 6:30 at Holy Trinity in Springfield.



       Pray for Special People:

       Joe Schumaker mentioned we should continually pray for a lot of Knights who passed
       away in the last 2 months.  He thought it would be great to call the widows and family
       expressing our condolence.




         Closing of Meeting:


        The Grand Knight closed the meeting with the “Hail Mary” and “Glory Be”.




                                    Future Activities






June 29th-----Fifth Sunday.


July 1st---DUE—Report of new Council Officers Chosen (Form 185).


July 12th----State DD Meeting in Springfield at Holy Trinity.


July 11-13---State District Deputy Meeting in Springfield.


July 16th-- Fourth Degree Officer Installation—7:00 pm @698 Hall


July 20th—Knights BBQ at St. Agnes---11:00 am ---7:00pm or when food runs out


July 22nd---First Degree@ Holy Trinity at 7:00 pm


July 23rd---(13682) St. Agnes Installation of Officers with pot luck dinner—7:00 pm


August 17th----Knight’s BBQ at St. Agnes---11:00am-7:00 pm


August 20th--- Knight’ Meeting at &:00 pm at St. Agnes Band Room.








                        Past Activities  (SEE PAST MONTHS FOR MORE)







June 8th------First Degree at 698. Call Hall for details.


June 18th---Fourth Degree Meeting at 7:00 pm at Council 698 Hall


June 29th-----Knight’s Council Mass at 8:30 am

June 29th----June-July BBQ after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm Masses