The May meeting was called to order by the Deputy Grand Knight at 7:09 pm, followed
       by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”. All officers were present
       except the Grand Knight, Lecturer, Advocate, Inside Guard, and 3rd Year Trustee. 
       A total of 13 knights were present.  The minutes from the April Meeting were accepted after
       a correction was made concerning the spelling of the name of the new State Deputy. 
      A motion was made by Jim Greer to accept the minutes.  The motion was seconded and the
      vote carried the motion.

   From the Deputy Grand Knight:

1.  It was mentioned that Phillip Neill received his first degree.

2.  The D.G.K. mentioned the new Bishop wanted to transfer to our Council.

3.  The D.G.K. thanked all those involved with the Sunset Stroll and John’s chili dogs.

4.  The D.G.K also thanked those who participated in the knight’s breakfast and those who
     attended and helped in the ordination of the 2 new priests.

5.  The D.G.K. referred the Council to the works of a Texan who did a magnificent piece of
     sculpturing of the Crucifixion. 

6.  The D. G. K. next mentioned the Special Olympics’ Events and asked for Knights’ to
     help with the activities and help man the Knight’s Tent.

7.  The D. G. K. found the State Convention to be interesting and mentioned the Supreme
    Council praised the Council’s in MO.

8.  After a small discussion, the D. G. K. led the nomination procedure for the new Council
     Officers.  The results of the new officers from the trustees to be considered for the next
     year and to be voted on next meeting are:

     Grand Knight = Tim Griese                         Advocate = John Compton
     Deputy Grand Knight = Ryan Neill            Warden = John Kubicek
     Chancellor = John Smithberg                       Inside Guard = Alan Norris
     Recorder = Erwin Mantei                            Outside Guard = Jim Tuckness
     Financial Secretary = Mark Merz                 Trustee-3rd Year = Ben Francka
     Lecturer = Ben Francka                               Trustee-2nd Year = John Wooldridge
     Treasurer = Jim Grier                                   Trustee-1st Year = Keith Norton








       From the Chaplin:  

        No report---no official Chaplin yet. However, Fr. Mike wished to mention a few items:
            1. Reported on the new renovations at the 698 Hall.
            2.  The Parish Picnic will take place after the 5:30 pm Mass on June 18th.  He requested
                 that there be no alcohol at this or any other Parish Activity.

            3.  He congratulated the Council on the Sunset Stroll and commended us on the last

            4.  He said that our first Grand Knight, Rick Imhoff said hi to all of us.


            5.  He commented about the distribution of Funds obtained from the Sunset Stroll
                 suggested that we consider the funds to go to the St. Agnes students this time
                 but suggested we table this idea for now.




     Treasurer's and Financial Secretary’s Reports:


        The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last
        council meeting.  Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in
        good condition. 






     Unfinished and New Business:

       1.   Tom Hall initiated a lengthy discussion on a special fund by the Council to
             contribute to the parish kids who have no dental insurance.  During the discussion
             Fr. Mike joined the meeting. Fr. Mike said there was already a fund set aside for
             this very problem.  He said to contact Sister Barbara if one wishes to know more
             about the fund.








      From the Insurance Agent:

           Not present




       From the District Deputy: 

           Was not present—No report---but continues to inform the members of the Council

            About important items via e-mail



       Pray for Special People:

       We should pray for Bishop Leibrecht’s brother who is fighting prostate cancer.




         Closing of Meeting:


        Fr. Mike closed the Meeting with a prayer.




                                    Future Activities


June 8th------First Degree at 698. Call Hall for details.


June 18th---Fourth Degree Meeting at 7:00 pm at Council 698 Hall


June 29th-----Knight’s Council Mass at 8:30 am

June 29th----June-July BBQ after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm Masses




June 25th----St. Agnes Knight’s Meeting at 7:00 pm in the St. Agnes Band Room


June 29th-----Fifth Sunday.


July  1st---DUE—Report of new Council Officers Chosen ( Form 185).


July 11-13---State District Deputy Meeting in Springfield.







                        Past Activities




July 8th---Knights Rosary after 8:30 am Mass

July 9th----Street Cleanup--see above for details

July 15th----cookout after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm masses. Be there to help at 8:30 am and
                   3:30 pm.

July 25th----July Knights Council meeting

July 28th----Regional District Deputies meeting at noon at Immaculate Conception parish in

July 29th---Councils participation at Mass and distribute the rosary rings

August 4th---2007 Missouri State Golf Tournament

August 18th and 19th----Horseshoe Tournament

August 25th---- Golf Tournament at Deer Lake

 Sept. 5th----Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight Meeting at Holy Trinity

Sept. 9th----Knight's Rosary after 8:30 am mass

Sept. 16th---Knight's Breakfast 8:00am- 11:00am in St. Agnes Cathedral cafeteria
                     Then a meeting about Habitat for Humanity in building behind Bingo Hall

Sept. 21st---2nd and 3rd Degrees at Holy Trinity in Aurora---be there before 12:00 noon

Sept. 22nd--Sporting Clay Tournament---contact Randy Friga for details

Sept. 26th—Next Council Meeting in band Room of St. Agnes Elementary

 Sept. 28th--Triva Night at Council 698

Sept. 29th--MO. Catholic Conference in St. Louis.

Sept. 29th---10 am--Meet at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (SEAS) to load tables and
                    chairs to deliver at St. Agnes for Centennial Celebration

Sept. 30th---2:00 pm--Centennial Kickoff Mass at the Cathedral and ice crème
                     social—afternoon organ concert, ice crème social, 5:00 pm Mass and
                     group picture on steps of cathedral.

Oct. 12-13th-Tootsie Roll Drive at Wal-Mart in Republic---Oct. 14th at Cathedral

Oct. 12-14th inclusive---Vera Faith Lord at various venues in Springfield

Oct. 14th---Knight’s Rosary at 8:30am in chapel

Oct. 19th--- 6:30-8:30 pm Council Cookout for Boo-fest at St. Agnes

Oct. 20th----2007 "Voice for Life" Convention in Springfield.

Oct. 21st----8-11:00 am—Knight’s Breakfast in Cafeteria

Oct. 21st----2nd and 3rd degrees in Warrensburg

Oct. 21st—11 am--1, 2nd and 3rd degrees in Monnet—St. Lawrence—1st at 11am,
                  2nd and 3rd at 1 pm

Oct. 21st ---7pm—Living Rosary at Holy Trinity

Oct. 24th—7:00 pm---Council Meeting in Band room

Oct. 27 ---28th---State Bowling Tournament




       Knight's Dirty Dozen cleaning up St. Agnes waste area

Tom Hall looking for
 more work

Mark Merz raking up a   
 big pile of leaves and


 Jim Greer and Randy 
   Friga stomping on the
  leaves and twigs while
John Smithberg is
seen at the far right.

Jim Tuckness waiting for another load of branches, Mark Merz still raking and Tom Hall still looking for
 more work

  Nov. 7th---7:00 pm, organization meeting at 698 for those working at the Bartender’s Ball

Nov. 10th—8:00 am trash moving from the Cathedral’s property.  And following, street pickup.

Nov. 11th---Knight’s Rosary after 8:30 am mass

Nov. 16th---St Agnes Trivia Night and Cleanup for Council

Nov. 17th ----4th degree at Jeff City

Nov. 18th—8:00-11:00 am—Knight’s Breakfast in St Agnes Cafeteria

Nov. 26th----Bartenders Ball hosted by our Council

Nov.27th—7 pm—1st  degree at Holy Trinity

N Dec. 1st ----8:00 am---Christmas decoration of the Cathedral and grounds and also
                                      the Cathedral’s Centennial Christmas Float

Dec. 16th ---8-11 am---Knight’s Breakfast in St. Agnes Cafeteria

Dec. 26th---7:00 pm—Council’s Christmas Party with wives at the Fleet Reserve Headquarters

Dec. 30th ---5th Sunday—Knights sit together at 8:30 am mass wearing their council shirts.


Jan. 5th and 6th ---at all masses for that weekend pass out “Roses for Life”

Jan. 12th ----1:00 pm--Mid Year District Deputy Meeting at Council 698 Hall. Lunch at 12:00

Jan. 16th ----4th Degree Meeting at Council 698 Hall

Jan. 20th---Knight’s breakfast in cafeteria—8:00—11:00am

Jan. 20th---- Bowl-A-Thon for the Kitchen – Ozark Area Knights of Columbus – Check in time
                    is 12:00 noon!

Jan. 22nd ---7:00 pm--1st Degree at Holy Trinity—get there by 6:45 pm

Jan. 23rd----7:00 pm Knight’s Council Meeting in St. Agnes School Band Room.

Jan. 27th ----2nd and 3rd Degrees at Kansas City (Council #7064)

Jan. 29th ---Marian Hour of Prayer—7:00 pm at Holy Trinity

 Jan. 31st ---State Knight of the Year nominations due.

Feb. 3rd -----12:30pm---District Free Throw Contest at Holy Trinity

Feb.10th---2nd and 3rd Degree at House Springs (Council #6435)

Feb. 10th---2nd and 3rd degree at St. Charles (Council # 823)

Feb. 11th---Essay and Poster Contest on Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Feb. 15th---Semi-annual Council Report due (form 1295)

Feb. 15th---State Scholarship Applications for College Students (return to Fr. Weber)

Feb. 17th---8-11 am--K of C breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria

Feb. 17th---2nd and 3rd degree at Salisbury (Council # 4679)

Feb. 17th---2nd and 3rd degree at Cuba (Council # 8920)

Feb. 20th---7:00 pm---4th Degree Meeting at Council 698 Hall

Feb. 23rd---K of C Regional  Free Throw Contest at Springfield Catholic High---If
                  willing to help come at 9:00 am---shooting starts at 10:00 am.

Feb. 27th----7:00 pm---St. Agnes K of C Council Meeting in cafeteria

Feb. 28th ---Religious Appreciation Dinner at Holy Trinity—Social at 6:30 pm
                   Contact Rocky Gambon, Grand Knight (Council 9533) 417 889-4086
                   no later than Feb. 15th---bring food---no charge.

Feb. 28th----Due--Supreme per Capita.

March 7th-------Fish Fry---4:30---6:50 pm.  Get there at 3:30pm to help and cleanup

March 8th-------Fourth Degree Exemplification—St Louis (Airport Marriott).

March 9th------2nd and 3rd Degrees at Jeff City (Council #1054)

March 12th---7:00 pm at St. Agnes Cathedral—Bishop John’s Mass of Thanksgiving
                      Choirs—The Bells of St. Agnes, Children’s Choir, Adult Choir and
                      Pontifical Choir.

March 15th---Due State Family of the Month candidates

March 16th----Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria (may be cancelled because of Palm Sunday).

March 19th---Fourth Degree Meeting---7:00 pm at Council Hall 698 (may be cancelled
                      because of Holy Week.

March 19th---7:30 pm---Chrism Mass at St. Agnes Cathedral

March 26th----7:00 pm----First Degree at Holy Trinity---candidates be there by 6:45 pm.

March 26th----7:00 pm---Knights Council Meeting at St. Agnes Band room. SEE RED
                       NOTICE, BELOW.

March 30th----5th Sunday of month.

March 31st---Ordination of Bishop Vann Johnston—2:30 pm at the Springfield Expo Center.
                      Combined Vocal Choirs of the Diocese--- Reception after across the street at
                      the University Plaza Convention Center.  All are invited to both events.

COUNCILS should have their first reading of the new slate of officers during the monthly meeting
  of MARCH


April 12th ----Fourth Degree Exemplification at Kansas City (Marriott at Airport).


April 13th --- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree at Kimberling City (Council # 7588).  The first
                      degree will start at 11:00am and the major degree will start at 1:00pm.
                      Please have any candidates there 30 minutes prior to start of the degree.

April 13th ---6:30-9:30 pm--St. Agnes Parish Wine Walking Event at “The Catholic Corner”,
                      South Avenue and McDaniel Streets.  Includes tastes of Gourmet Wines and
                      Foods and a wonderful Silent Auction---proceeds go Tuition Assistance for
                      children of St. Agnes and St. Joseph Elementary.


 April 16th ---7:00 pm—Fourth Degree Meeting at Council 698 Hall.


April 20th ---8:00 – 11:00 am---K of C Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria.


April 23rd ---7:00 pm---Council Meeting in Band Room.


April 25-27th ---State Convention (Election of new State Deputy and Officers).        



May 16th-----6:00 pm -12 mid night ---- First Mons. John Westheus Sunset Stroll at the
                                       St. Agnes Elementary track.

May 18th-----Knight’s Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria---8:00—11:00 am

May 21st ----Fourth Degree Meeting at 7:00 pm at Council 698 (ELECTION)

May 23rd ---Ordination of Saviour Nundwe into priesthood, 7:00 pm at St. Agnes Cathedral

May 26th---Memorial Mass at Resurrection Cemetary—9:00 am

May 28th---St Agnes Knight’s Council meeting at 7:00 pm in St. Agnes Bandroom for

May 31st---State Knight of the month candidate due.

June 1st----State Family of the month candidates due