The April, 2010 meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7:01 pm, followed
       by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”. All officers were present
       except the Chaplin, Inside Guard, Outside Guard and 2nd Year Trustee.  A total of 18
       knights were present. The minutes were bypassed because of failure to print minutes and
       distribute them to the Council.

   From the Grand Knight:

1.  The Grand Knight mentioned acknowledged Charles (Dudley) Martin as a new Council

2.  The G.K. read a list of the new Council Officers to vote for during elections.

3. The G.K. acknowledged Randy and Chris who reported on the Knight’ State Meeting.
    Randy mentioned all resolutions were passed except for internship for the priests.  The
    costs for both members were discussed.  Chris said he met a lot of people and key
    Knight figures.  He also mentioned he was not happy that the internship for priest did
     not pass.

4.  The G. K. mentioned the Circle of Honor our Council received. And presented special
     V.I.P. Club Awards to Jim Greer and Jim Tuckness.

5.  The G. K. read a thank you letter from St. Mary’s for monies donated for the building

6.  The G. K. read a letter from VITA (Pregnancy Care Center) asking for possible funds.
     John Wooldridge motioned we give $100, a second was made, a small discussion
     followed, and a vote carried the motion.







       From the Chaplin:  

            Not present





     Treasurer's and Financial Secretary’s Reports:


       The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last
       council meeting.  Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in
       good condition and reported the amount of monies the Council had in the bank.
       The Financial Secretary’s report indicated the Council’s financial condition was in
       good shape.






     Unfinished and New Business:

             Various items were addressed.

1.      Andy Love reported that there were 2 Essay Contest students who received honorable mention.

2.      Tim Griese reported on the Sunset Stroll for Friday, May 7th. He mentioned volunteers
 were needed and there would be a special organization meeting on Monday, May 3rd at
6 pm in the St. Agnes Band Room.  It was also mentioned that the Ladies Auxiliary
have equal representation at the meeting.


3.       The G. K. mentioned the upcoming Knights vs other parish members softball game,
 Sunday, May 16th  at 1:00 pm at the Elementary Schools softball park.



4.      The G. K. mentioned the last Knight’s Breakfast, May 16th and would include pancakes.


5.      The G.K. also mentioned we need to take the donut contributions at the breakfast to the


6.      The G. K. mentioned the First Summer Knight’s BBQ, June 20th.  Randy Friga and Jim
Tuckness volunteered to do the “Meat”.


7.      The G. K. led a discussion to purchase Knight’s aprons to be worn at appropriate
Council’s activities. 


8.      The G. K. mentioned a 4th Degree Meeting at the Golden Coral and opening ceremonies
for the Special Olympics, May 26th.


9.      The G. K. mentioned we had Pope Benedict prayer cards to help pray for him through
these trying times.


10.  It was also mentioned that we have K. of C. stickers.


11.  John Smithberg reported on Bingo activities and said that Bingo continues to prosper.





      From the Insurance Agent:

         No report---not present




       From the District Deputy: 

         mentioned various upcoming events shown in the Future Activities Section, below.

       Pray for Special People:

     We should keep John Deaver and others in our prayers



         Closing of Meeting:


        The G. K. closed the meeting with the “Hail Mary” and the “Glory Be”.




                                    Future Activities




May 3rd-----6pm at the Band Room--- organizational meeting for the annual Sunset Stroll


May 7th----6-midnight Msgr. Westhues Sunset Stroll on St. Agnes Parish Grounds for Spgf
                 Catholic Schools--- get there to help at 3:30 pm


Mat 9th---Mother’s Day


May 13th--- Feast of the Ascension


May 16th---8-11 am-- Knights Breakfast in St. Agnes Cafeteria


May 16th---1pm---Softball game--Knights against the parish on parish grounds


May 25th---Seminarian Nathan Elfink’s Birthday----send him a card @Conception Seminary
                  College, Conception, MO 64433 or e-mail:


May 26th---Opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics at 7 pm at MSU.


May 26th---7:00 pm--- Knights Monthly Meeting at St. Agnes Elementary Band Room


May 30th---Fifth Sunday


May 31st----Memorial Day


June 20th---First Summer BBQ---Plans to be forth coming.






                                    PAST ACTIVITIES




Sept. 26th------Missouri Catholic Conference Annual Meeting at Jefferson City


Oct. 3rd--------Soccer tournament in Springfield sponsored by Lebanon Knights


Oct. ­9-10th---Tootsie Roll Drive @ Republic Wall Mart, 8:00 am -3:00pm


Oct 11th-------Tootsie Roll Drive after all Masses @ St. Agnes Cathedral


Oct. 14th------Council Bingo @ 698 Bingo Emporium 6:30—9:30 pm


Oct. 18th------Knights Breakfast @ St. Agnes Elementary Cafeteria 8:00-11:00 am


Oct. 21st --------4th Degree Meeting @7:30 pm at Council 1877


Oct 23rd -------Boo Fest at St. Agnes Cafeteria


Oct. 28th-----St. Agnes K of C Meeting in Elementary School Band Room @ 7:00pm


Nov. 26th----Thanksgiving


Nov. 29th-----5th Sunday---8:30 am Cathedral Mass—Council’s participation in Mass.


Dec. 7th---Bartenders Ball for the Special Olympics at the Oasis 6:00 pm until midnight.


Dec. 8th----Feast of The Immaculate Conception


Dec.10th--- Bishop John’s 25th Anniversary as a Bishop---7:00 pm Mass and reception at

                   St. Agnes.


Dec. 11th---Dinner Meeting for Council with Ladies Auxiliary---7:00 pm at St. Agnes

                   Cafeteria.  NO REGULAR SCHEDULED DEC. MEETING


Dec. 20th---Council Breakfast----8:00 am—11:00 am in St. Agnes Cafeteria


Dec. 25th---Christmas


Dec. 28th---4-7 pm---Blood Drive at St. Agnes Band Room.


De. 31st----New Years’ Eve




Jan. 1st----New Years Day—Feast of Mary, Mother of God


Jan. 3rd---Feast of the Epiphany


Jan. 3rd----11:30 am Mass and Pot Luck Dinner following for Fr. Rudolpho in St. Agnes


Jan. 9th---Council Free Throw Contest at Palati Center


Jan. 17th---Knights of Columbus 15th Annual Bowl-A-Thon at various area Bowling Lanes.


Jan. 17th---Knights Breakfast---8:00 am -11am—St. Agnes Elementary Cafeteria.


Jan. 20th--23rd----March for Life in Washington D.C.—bus leaves from Catholic High School
                            and other local areas.


Jan. 27th----7:00 pm---Councils Monthly Meeting at St. Agnes Elementary Band Room.


Jan. 31st----5th Sunday


Feb. 13th------Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge---Table Rock, Branson


Feb. 13th-----9 a.m.--District Free Throw Contest, Holy Trinity, Springfield.


Feb.15th-----Due Date—Semiannual Audit Report (#1295)


Feb. 17th----Ash Wednesday


Feb. 19th---4:30-7 p.m.—Fish Fry at St. Agnes Cafeteria and Grounds


Feb.20th---9 am---Regional Free Throw Contest at Springfield Catholic High School


Feb. 21st—1st-2nd-3rd Degree Exemplification in Clinton, MO.


Feb. 24th---7 pm—Council’s Monthly Meeting in St. Agnes Elementary Band Room


Feb. 28th ---8-11 am---Council Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria and pickup Street Trash
                                    after at 11:00 am---meet at Price Cutter Parking Lot at 11:00 am.


Mar. 6th---4th Degree Exemplification ---St Louis (forms available on-line


Mar. 13th---- K.C. St. Patrick’s Day Float—starts at Commercial and Bennett Streets.


Mar. 14th----Daylight Savings Time begins


Mar. 17th----St. Patrick’s Day


Mar. 17th----Seminarian David Baunach’s Birthday---send him a card @conception 
                    Seminary College, Conception, MO. 64433 or e-mail—dbaunach@


Mar. 19th---San Paulo Fish Fry on Cathedral grounds.



Mar.21st----8-11 am---Council Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria


March 21st----noon---Free Throw Contest at Helias in Jefferson City.

Mar. 24th------Council Meeting at 7:00 pm in St. Agnes Elementary Band Room.


Mar. 25th---Annunciation of the Lord


Mar. 27th----Spring Sporting Clay Shoot @ Branson at 9:00 am.


Mar. 28th-----Palm Sunday


Mar. 29th----Founders Day---celebrating Springfield founding in 1882.


Apr. 4th---Easter Sunday