The March meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7:03pm, followed
       by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”. All officers were present
       except the Deputy Grand Knight, Warden, Inside Guard, and 3rd Year Trustee.  A total
       of 18 members were present.  The minutes from the last meeting were distributed. A
       motion was made to accept the minutes and seconded.  A vote carried the motion.

   From the Grand Knight:

1.  The Grand Knight acknowledged Jim Wilkenson as a potential new member and
     discussed the background of the new member.  The Grand Knight motioned we
     accept him as a member of the Council.  A second was made and the vote carried
     the motion.

2.  The G.K. commended on the success of the monthly breakfast. 

3.  The G.K. mentioned the map of the storage area for the Council prepared by Jim
     Grier. He also acknowledged the work by John Wooldridge on the storage area

4.  The G. K. next read receipts, bills and communications.  He mentioned a thank you
     letter from the chair of the committee for “Striking Out for the Kitchen” for the $100
     from the Council.  He also mentioned the letter of thanks from the Kitchen, itself.  The
     G.K. also read a communication from “Supreme” telling us to make sure we have
     chosen our Council representatives to the State Convention.  He also mentioned a
     letter from The Republic School District tanking us for our $500 contribution from
     our “Tootsie Roll Drive”.








       From the Chaplin:  

1.      Father Mike mentioned he would act as our Chaplin.

2.      Father Mike and Andy Love discussed the use of the south wall of the Band
Room to display the Council’s Charter and other important Knight’s information.
Father Mike mentioned it would be OK for us to use the wall.

3.      Father Mike mentioned all the good things the Council does.  He also mentioned
He could contribute monies to the Council if needed.  He also mentioned if we
considered a cost per plate at the breakfast instead of a free will offering?

4.      Father Mike also mentioned taking down the Christmas Lights at different places
on the Property and mentioned we could probably leave the buried cables in
place for coming years.  He also mentioned we could take down other things
left from other past activities on the Property that no longer needed to be there.

5.      Father Mike also mentioned we could prepare a flyer advertising the Knight’s
next Fish Fry (April 03).

6.      Father Mike mentioned that part of the Willard area was in St. Agnes Parish and
we could also contribute to this area even though the Republic School District
gives our contributed monies to special needs.

7.      Father Mike also mentioned the important need for more priests in our Diocese.




     Treasurer's and Financial Secretary’s Reports:


        The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last
        council meeting.  Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in
        good condition and reported the amount the Council had in the bank. The Treasurer
        reported that the 5% savings account was established for the Council on its’ monies.






     Unfinished and New Business:

             Various items were addressed.

1.      A discussion took place concerning the Council’s Fish Fry and tentative date of
April 3rd.  A lengthy discussion followed concerning the menu and format for
the activity.  The Ladies Auxiliary decided not to prepare deserts for this activity
this time.  All those who plan to participate will meet on the parish grounds at
3:30 on April 3rd to get things going. 

2.      The G. K led a discussion on the need for a new fryer and pot. A motion was made
and seconded to buy both.  A vote carried the motion.

3.      The G. K. called for volunteers to help in the “Take Down” the remaining Christmas
 Lights on the Parish Grounds during the April 3rd  Fish Fry.  Tom Hall organized
 a group of members to take some down on the morning of 3/26.

4.      The G. K. led a discussion on getting together on a special meeting to discuss the
 details of the next “Mons. Westheuse “Sunset Stroll”.  The meeting is scheduled
for 4/8 at 7:00 pm in the Band Room.    


5.       A discussion followed concerning the serving of brisket at various Council Events.
 It was decided that amounts of brisket be prepared and then frozen for these

6.      Andy Love reported on the status of the Youth Activities concerning Free-Throw,
Poster and Essay Contests.  He mentioned no contestants from here made it to
State, but that there were winners on the local essay contest winners.  These were
as follows:

                        Mary Gracehall for 5th grade
                         Daniel Hall for 6th grade
                         Vicky Richards for 7th grade

                         Brianna Love for 8th grade

7.      The G. K. mentioned the Council owed the State Council $100.




8.      The G. K. and Council then discussed and selected possible officer candidates for
the next year.

9.      John Wooldridge next discussed his activities concerning his training for the work
to be done for the people in Honduras.  He thanked the Council for the contribution
towards helping him for the training and that he will give back to the Council $50
he didn’t need.




      From the Insurance Agent:

     No report---not present




       From the District Deputy: 

         Charlie West mentioned important dates (included below under future events)
          including a reminder we need to establish a slate of new officers for next year.   


       Pray for Special People:

     To pray for George Donegan, a Council member      



         Closing of Meeting:


        The Grand Knight closed the meeting with the “Hail Mary” and “Glory Be”.




                                    Future Activities




March 28th---Fourth Degree Exemplification in Kansas City


March 28th---Knight’s of Columbus Spring Doubles Shoot---Branson


March 29th----Founder’s Day (1882)


March 29th---Fifth Sunday


April 1----State Council Service  Program Awards  due date


April 3rd------ St. Agnes Fish Fry


April 5th----Palm Sunday


April 6th-----7:30 pm--CHRISM MASS@ St. Agnes Cathedral


April 12th-----Easter Sunday


April 15th----Fourth Degree Assembly @ 698 Hall—7:00 pm Rosary followed by 7:30 pm Meeting


April 19th---8:00—11:00 am--Knights Monthly Breakfast@ St. Agnes Cafeteria


April 22nd----7:00 pm-----Council Monthly Meeting


April 24th—26th---Knight’s State Convention---Jeff City


May 10th ----Mother’s Day


May 13th----Special Council Meeting to organize “Msgr. Westheus Sunset Stroll”


May 15th----Msgr. Westheuse “Sunset Stroll”








                        Past Activities  (SEE PAST MONTHS FOR MORE)







June 8th------First Degree at 698. Call Hall for details.


June 18th---Fourth Degree Meeting at 7:00 pm at Council 698 Hall


June 29th-----Knight’s Council Mass at 8:30 am

June 29th----June-July BBQ after the 11:30 am and 5:00 pm Masses


June 29th-----Fifth Sunday.


July 1st---DUE—Report of new Council Officers Chosen (Form 185).


July 12th----State DD Meeting in Springfield at Holy Trinity.


July 11-13---State District Deputy Meeting in Springfield.


July 16th-- Fourth Degree Officer Installation—7:00 pm @698 Hall


July 20th—Knights BBQ at St. Agnes---11:00 am ---7:00pm or when food runs out


July 22nd---First Degree@ Holy Trinity at 7:00 pm


July 23rd---(13682) St. Agnes Installation of Officers with pot luck dinner—7:00 pm


August 17th----Knight’s BBQ at St. Agnes---11:00am-7:00 pm


August 20th--- Knight’ Meeting at &:00 pm at St. Agnes Band Room.


 Aug. 23rd--------13681 (IC) Golf Tournament@ Deer Lake----to benefit the Kitchen


Aug. 27th-----Catholic Night at the Springfield Cardinals---Hammons Field


Aug 30th-----Tootsie Roll order deadline.


Aug. 31----Fifth Sunday


Sept. 1st------Deadline for Roses for Life to be ordered


Sept. 6th-----Forms and monies due for 4th Degree Exemplification


Sept. 20th---4th Degree Exemplification in Springfield---Clarion Hotel—all day


Sept. 21st----K of C Breakfast in St. Agnes Cafeteria---8:30—11:00 am


Sept. 24th---Monthly Council Meeting (13682) at St. Agnes Band room---7:00 pm


Sept. 27th-----Ozarks Shooters Clay Shoot----Branson


Sept. 27th----Ladies Auxiliary “Pot Luck Dinner”


Sept. 28th---St. Agnes Parish Centennial Closing Ceremonies---5:00 pm


Oct. 2nd---10:00am in Pallati Center---Meeting concerning the initiation of catholic Radio in
                 Southern Missouri


Oct. 24th----BOO FEST at St. Agnes Elementary.  Knights and Ladies Auxiliary will help
                   including cooking burgers and hot dogs, etc.


Oct. 25-26th -----Missouri Knights of Columbus Bowling Tournament weekend#1
                         @ Washington, Missouri


Oct. 26th -----K. of C. Regional Soccer Challenge @ Lakes Country Soccer at 1:00 pm.


Nov. 1-2 ------Missouri K of C Bowling Tournament weekend #2 @ Washington MO.


Nov. 6th -----Memorial Mass for K of C members @ 698 Hall

Nov. 8th -----St. Agnes Ladies Aux. Fall Bizarre---11:00 am ---7:00 pm—at St. Agnes
                    Elementary Cafeteria

Nov. 9th-------1st/2nd/3rd Degrees @ 698 Hall—1st Degree @11:00am, 2nd Degree @1:00 pm,
                      3rd Degree will follow.

Nov. 11th--- 4th Degree Float at Veterans Day in Branson

Nov. 16th----Knights Breakfast 7:00---11:30am in St. Agnes Cafeteria

Nov. 19th-----Council Meeting 7:00 pm at St. Agnes Elementary Band Room

Nov. 19th----7:00 pm---Social meeting at Golden Corral for the Pope Pius X Assembly

Nov. 21st -----21st Special Olympic Indoor Games in Joplin---Memorial Hall--- Request
                        for K of C Honor Guard to assist with Opening Ceremony---meet in main
                        lobby @ 6-6:15 pm to change into regalia.

Nov. 22nd---4th Degree Float—Christmas Parade in Lebanon

Nov. 22nd---Knights Cleanup of St Agnes Waste Area---7:00 am and Street Cleanup
                   afterwards---Boy Scouts will help                  

Nov. 30th ----Fifth Sunday

Dec. 8th-----Bartender’s Ball

Feb. 1st----Pick up Brisket and/or ribs after morning masses at St. Agnes Cathedral
                 for Super Bowl Sunday.


Feb. 14th -----9:00 am---District Free Throw Contest at Holy Trinity Gym.


Feb. 14th------Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge in Table Rock Lake


Feb. 15th--------Semiannual Audit Report #1295


Feb. 15th-------8:00-11:00 am---Knight’s Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria


Feb.18th-------4th Degree Meeting Night at Golden Corral


Feb. 21st-------9-11 am---Regional Free Throw Contest at Springfield Catholic Gym


Feb. 25th----ASH WEDNESDAY


Feb. 25th-----7:00 pm----Council monthly Meeting at St. Agnes Cafeteria


March 7----Fourth Degree Exemplification in St. Louis


March 11th---First Bingo Night for our Council---6:30---- at Bingo Emporium


March 14th----Springfield’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade----4th Degree Float


March 15th---8-11 am---Knight’s Breakfast at St. Agnes Cafeteria


March 17th---St. Patrick’s Day




March 25th-----7:00 pm---Knight’s Council Meeting at St. Agnes Cathedral Band Room---need
                                         to elect officers for the next year.