The September, 2010 meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7pm, followed by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”.  All officers were present except for the Warden, Inside Guard, and 3rd year Trustee.  A total of 18 Knights were present.  There minutes from August were read and approved.


From the Grand Knight:

1.     The Grand Knight discussed applications for memberships, which had been voted on at the August meeting: Aaron McMahan, Dwain Minton, Drew Solidium, Keith Nanneman, and Rick Rittenmaier. New members were acknowledged and welcomed to the council.

2.     Grand Knight talked about the upcoming tootsie roll drive to be held in Republic Wal-Mart and at St. Agnes. A signup sheet was passed around for Knights to sign up for times to cover the weekend.

3.     Grand Knight talked about Catholic Charities wanting money for support. Discussion followed, with decision to discuss this issue at a later date.

From the Chaplain:

Thanked us for our sacrifice and the work we do. Talked about the seminarian, Luis Hernandez, who is residing at the rectory. Father Phil said they were helping Luis with English and Luis was helping them with Spanish.  Father Phil discussed two parishioners who had passed away and reminded us to keep the families in our prayers.

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Report:

The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last council meeting. Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in good condition and reported the amount of monies the Council had in the bank.  The Financial Secretary’s report indicated the Council’s condition was in good shape. Audit is complete and sent to State.

The following communications were read:

1.     A letter was read from the Vitae Society requesting money. A discussion followed and since we had given Vitae Society money back in April, no new funds would be sent.

2.     A thank you letter from Ladies Auxiliary for the monies our Council gave them for all they do for our Council.

3.     A thank you letter from SEAS for the monies received from the Walk For The Poor.

4.     A thank you letter from IC for the monies received from the Walk For The Poor.


Unfinished and New Business:

1.     October 20th thru 27th talked about as a good time to donate blood. St. Agnes Blood Drive will be in December on Monday the 27th.

2.     Two people were contacted that signed up at the Ministry Fair.

3.     Greg Gloeckner reminded us of the St. Vincent De Paul walk for the poor coming up. Jim Grier talked about the importance of Knights supporting this event.

4.     Randy Friga discussed the all-day event coming up this weekend down in Kimberling City. Will start with breakfast and end with a 1st Degree at 3pm, Confession at 4pm, and ending with Mass at 5pm. 

5.     Randy also mentioned a Clay trap shoot in Branson also this weekend. There is a hospitality room at the Grande Crowne with food and drinks provided.

6.     Deputy Grand Knight discussed PCCW doughnut money. Issue discussed, motion made and passed to send the PCCW  $50.00

7.     Tim G. discussed decorating for Christmas. 1st or 2nd Saturday in November. Tim said it would be good to get together a couple weeks prior to check out all the lights. Will be discussed again at next month’s meeting.

8.     4th Degree on October 30th in Cape. Should be another one in March or April in either St. Louis or KC.

From the Insurance Agent:

No report---not present   : Randy Friga talked about insurance and said this is a very good insurance. 30% of Knights take advantage of the insurance.

From the District Deputy:

Audit is in, but needed Fraternal Activites Report. Voice for Life happening at Holy Trinity on October 23rd starting at 9am. Needs list of anyone getting suspended. Booster Club at Catholic High Golf event. Rocky talked about cleanup that is needed at Queen of Heaven Solitude in Marionville, he said they still have damage from the 2007 ice storm. Talked about 1st degree coming up within the week at Holy Trinity.

Pray for Special People:

Ben Francka – 84 yr. old father has congestive heart failure. Randy Friga – thanked council for prayers for Haiti trip and gave an account of the trip.


Closing of Meeting:

Father Phil closed with a prayer and the “Hail Mary”.