The October, 2010 meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7pm, followed by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”.  All officers were present except for the Deputy Grand Knight, Chaplain, Inside Guard, Financial Secretary and 1st year Trustee.  A total of 14 Knights were present.  The minutes from September were read and approved.

From the Grand Knight:

1.     The Grand Knight discussed the upcoming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree on November 14th at Council 698.

2.     Grand Knight talked about the upcoming St. Agnes Trivia Night being held at the KC Hall.

3.     Grand Knight talked about a list of 27 men that only have their 1st Degree and the need to get all of them called and to encourage them to attend the upcoming 2nd and 3rd Degree.

4.     Grand Knight discussed the Bartenders Ball being held December 6th and the cost would be $45 a couple.

5.     Grand Knight talked about the Life Chain coming on the upcoming Sunday from 2pm until 3:30pm.

From the Chaplain:

           No Report:       Priests on a retreat   

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Report:

The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last council meeting. Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in good condition and reported the amount of monies the Council had in the bank.  The Financial Secretary’s report indicated the Council’s condition was in good shape.

Unfinished and New Business:

1.      St. Agnes Blood Drive will be in December on Monday the 27th.

2.     John Smithberg discussed Bingo having $60,000 in the bank and that Bingo had given the church $100,000 so far this year. Plus a check had just been written to the church for $15,000.

3.     Greg Gloeckner discussed the St. Vincent De Paul walk for the poor had a total of ten Knights participating, which raised $500 from our council.  Greg said a total of $4,271 was raised by this event.

4.     Tim G. talked about having as many Knights as possible come on Saturday morning November 6th after the 7:30am Mass to help put up the Christmas lights outside. Pizza lunch will be served. 

5.     Move November meeting up a week to the 17th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Motion was passed

6.     With the 100th Anniversary of the Church coming up this month a discussion was held on trying to recruit new members to reach 100 members. We are sitting at 85 members presently. A signup sheet was passed for people interesting in speaking at all the Masses the first weekend of November.

7.     John Smithberg made a motion for the council to give $400 towards paying for the Pro-Life March in Washington D.C.; this would be used for any youth that could not pay the fee to make the trip. There is an anonymous donor that will match the $400. Motion passed.

8.     4th Degree on October 30th in Cape. Should be another one in March or April in either St. Louis or KC.

From the Insurance Agent:

No report---not present  

From the District Deputy:

Rocky talked about an upcoming Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser for the Kitchen. Needs two volunteers at each bowling alley. Rocky introduced a guest and the Co-Chairman, Dean Arens, who also talked about the event. Rocky also talked about the Life Chain event coming up this coming weekend. He talked about the upcoming 1st Degree at 11am, with the 2nd and 3rd Degree’s to start at 1pm out at 698 on Sunday November 14th. He discussed the Memorial Mass that is to be held out at Council 698 for all deceased Brother Knights. This will be held at 7pm on November 4th. An invitation was also extended to all of us to come out to 698 on Mondays for Monday Night Football and Shuffleboard.

Pray for Special People:

No special prayer request

Closing of Meeting:

Grand Knight said a closing prayer and the Hail Mary was said by all