The March, 2012 meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7:00pm, with the opening prayer offered by GK, followed by the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”.  All officers were present except for the Outside Guard, Inside Guard, Chaplain, 1st Year Trustee, and 2nd Year Trustee. The Minutes from the February meeting were not available to be approved. A total of 12 Knights were present.


From the Grand Knight:


1.     Read applications for membership for Nathan Stapp and Bill Foster. Motion made to approve membership/ passed.

2.     Read a letter from Supreme discussing yearly packet. Instead of material they will be sending it in CD form next year. Motion made / passed to accept CD version.  93 members per letter from Supreme.

From the Chaplain:


Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Report:

The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last council meeting. Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in good condition and reported the amount of monies the Council had in the bank.  The Financial Secretary’s report indicated the Council’s condition was in good shape.

Randy said that there are 16 members up for suspension for delinquent dues(two years in arrears). Talked about gathering a call team to call these 16 members to see if they still want to be a member of this council.


Unfinished and New Business:

1.     Mentioned two upcoming Blood Drives in 2012. June and December.

2.     Irwin discussed the Youth Essay Contest.  5th grade winner – Anthony Davis, 7th grad winner – Michael Sallee, 8th grade winner – Joseph Russo.  Motion made / Passed to pay $20.00 in cash instead of check.

3.     Randy talked about the St. Patricks Day parade and float. Said it was a good time and a beautiful warm day. Very little participation. Randy encouraged everyone to consider participating next year.

4.     Was mentioned that the Knights will be painting the front porches this upcoming Saturday03/31 around 9am..

5.     Ben talked about a $4.00 fee that is showing up each month on the bank statement with Commerce Bank.

6.     Randy discussed that with Easter coming up that we give our St. Agnes Seminarian (Joe Kelly) a monetary gift like we did in the past for his birthday and Christmas. Motion made / passed to give him $100.00 .

7.      Brief discussion about our 5% account. We have $891.52 in the account currently.

8.     Slate of Officers for upcoming election

GK – Chris Neal

DGK – Gary Momphard

Recorder- Erwin Mantei

Treasurer – Ben Francka

Warden – Greg Gloeckner

Chancellor – Jim Grier

Advocate – James Tuckness

Inside Guard – Mark Wand ?

Outside Guard – John Smithberg ?

1st Year Trustee – Keith Norton

2nd Year Trustee – Tim Griese

3rd  Year Trustee – John Kubicek

Financial Secretary – Randy Friga  appointed position

From the Insurance Agent:


From the District Deputy:


Pray for Special People:

Mike Flynn- health issues. Bill Hart of 698- dialysis


Closing of Meeting:

 Closing prayer offered by GK then followed by thee Hail Mary’s.