The March, 2011 meeting was called to order by the Grand Knight at 7pm, followed by the “Our Father” and “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”.  All officers were present except for the Warden, Inside Guard, and 1st year Trustee.  A total of 17 Knights were present.  Then Minutes from February were read and approved.


From the Grand Knight:


1.     Discussed one new member, Ron Stubblefield; voted and approved. A new 1st Degree Knight, Mike Farrow, was introduced.

2.     Read a letter discussing a fundraiser for the Sisters of Queen of Heaven on April 14th.

3.     Read a letter from Sporting Chance about sponsoring participants to an event in Branson. Discussion held, but tabled due to Knights focus on Special Olympics.

4.     Read a letter about the ownership change of the companies that put out the bulletin.

From the Chaplain:

Fr. Phil asked us to pray for the upcoming Youth Conference in West Plains. He also reminded us the Taste and See event this upcoming Sunday evening out at the K of C Hall (raising money for tuition assistance for both St. Agnes and St. Joseph. Father also asked for prayer on his move from the Parish.


Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Report:

The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last council meeting. Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in good condition and reported the amount of monies the Council had in the bank.  The Financial Secretary’s report indicated the Council’s condition was in good shape. Midyear audit is complete. We have had one withdrawal, three suspended(over two years’ worth of dues owed), and seventeen that still owe dues.


Unfinished and New Business:

1.      Msg. Westhues Walk was discussed at length, with several things brought up: the need to converse with the Ladies Auxiliary(who have already been working on the walk), ways to get the word out for more participation, Tim talked about the history of the walk, one of the original ideas to have a statue/plaque of Msgr. Westhues somewhere on the grounds, getting more families involved, motion made and passed to match $500 for St. Agnes, motion made and passed to match $500 for other Parishes, having a planning meeting between meetings to prepare for the walk, and result of the dedicated item for St. Agnes will be library books.

2.     Trash pickup next on our section of Grand Avenue will be this coming Sunday after the 8:30am Mass.

3.     Ben handed out name tags of people that have not been to a meeting to be delivered to these individuals.

4.     Read a letter from John Appleton requesting help getting silent auction items over to 698 this coming Sunday for the Taste and See. Several people volunteered to assist.

5.      State Convention is on 4/29 thru 5/1 in Jefferson City. John and Randy will go and Chris is an alternate. State pays for one delegate and our council is paying for the second delegate.

6.      June 19th Enchilada dinner in the cafeteria after 11:30am and 5pm Masses instead of June 12th, this is due to Fr. Mike’s 40th year of Ordination and Parish Picnic.

7.      Slate of Officers was discussed, with the election coming up at the May Meeting.

From the Insurance Agent:

Rocky mentioned our Council’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade float and how nice it looked and he was pleased to see Color Guard. Attempting a 2nd and 3rd Degree in September here in Springfield. There will be a 4th Degree here in Springfield on October 29th at the Clarion with Bishop Johnston as the honorary. Talked about the State Council baseball game between the Cards and the Cubs. 

From the District Deputy:

 No report – Not present

Pray for Special People:

Dennis Grob(lung problems) and Jerry Doughtery(chronic heart failure)


Closing of Meeting:

 Fr. Phil led us in a closing prayer.