The June, 2012 meeting was called to order by the GK at 7:35pm, with the opening prayer offered by Fr. James, followed by the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag”.  All officers were present except for the Deputy Grand Knight, Outside Guard, Inside Guard, 2nd and 1st Year Trustees. The Minutes from the May meeting were approved. A total of 15 Knights were present. A 1st Degree was held before the meeting.


From the Grand Knight:


1.     GK introduced Nathan Stapp and Neil Klump, our newest members, who had just gone through the 1st Degree.

2.     Read a letter about the Testimonial Dinner for outgoing State officer John Applebaum which suggested each council make a donation for a gift/ no motion made. Plus there is a separate official invitation/ Airport Marriot St. Louis on 6/30.

3.     Talked about email Karl with SW Mo Right to Life. Would like mobile van at Ozark Empire Fair.

4.     District Deputy Rocky Gambon had checked into having a Knights of Columbus booth at the Ozark Empire Fair, but all space is taken.

5.     GK Read a letter from Stockton Council about their raffle. Raffle tickets were included for anyone interested.

6.     GK said the date 10/6 from 9am till 7pm at Republic Wal-Mart has been confirmed for the annual Tootsie Roll Drive.   

From the Chaplain:

        Mentioned that the annual St. Agnes Garage Sale will be held on 7/26 and 7/27. Fr. James also encourages us to take part in the upcoming Catholicism series starting weekly at St. Agnes. If can’t commit to the series, then think about buying the series.


Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Report:

The Treasurer reported on the bills and money received from activities after the last council meeting. Also, he mentioned that financial condition of the Council was in good condition and reported the amount of monies the Council had in the bank.  The Financial Secretary’s report indicated the Council’s condition was in good shape.



Unfinished and New Business:

1.     Blood Drive  had a good turnout with 12 participating. The next blood drive is 8/31.  Jim Grier reminded us about signing the St. Agnes page when any of us go and give blood at CBCO.

2.     Greg Gloeckner talked about the upcoming  Walk for the Poor is coming up on September 29th.  Mentioned that there is a 5th Sunday in July and to remember to wear your Knights of Columbus shirt to Mass. 4th Degree participation in the Corpus Christi Procession with around 27 Knights participating and close to 400 in the procession.

3.     Randy Friga mentioned that the next bbq will be on 7/15.

4.      Motion made to give Karl and the Right to Life booth at the Ozark Empire Fair at $100.  Motion passed.

5.     Discussion about donation for gift to outgoing State Officer. No motion made it on the floor.

6.     Reminder about July meeting being an Installation of the Officers for the upcoming year. Will be a potluck and held the same evening as the normal meeting with a start time of 6:30pm.

7.     Randy Friga talked about the Women’s Auxiliary and the need for our help in promoting their group. Encourage wives and other women we know in the Parish to join.

8.     John Kubicek thanked Rocky for the picture in the Mariner.

From the Insurance Agent:


From the District Deputy:

     As mentioned in the GK’s report, Rocky said there is not booth space left for the Knights to get a booth. The Kitchen is doing well now, thanks to an anonymous gift of $30,000. They can still always use donations.

Pray for Special People:

Andy Love/ past GK of St. Agnes Council. Needing prayers for friends in Colorado Springs that a suffering from the brush fires.


Closing of Meeting:

 Closing prayer thee Hail Mary’s for the end to abortion.